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Thunder Quill

I write when I'm motivated, which, I am disappointed in myself to say, is few and far between, so don't expect chapters often. I'm also a sub par HiE writer that occasionally writes other things.


It's finally happening. · 10:23pm Dec 20th, 2016

In maybe a thousand or two more words, the next chapter of 'My Sword is a tool of Justice', will be coming out.

It'll be here later tonight. Stay tuned.


What are the odds? · 11:00pm Sep 25th, 2016

What are the odds that, on the same weekend that I make a chapter about reduced progress, my hard drive craps out?

So, as the above sentence says, my hard drive dies, after a final 20 minutes of Serious Sam. I've ordered a new one, so that'll be a bit before it comes in.

I'll let everyone know when I'm able to get back on.


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Help with a term · 7:37pm Jul 13th, 2016

Millions of years ago, chemicals combined to create the first single celled organisms, or so I remember from junior year biology, if I'm wrong, correct me. Well, what's the term for the belief that an incredibly powerful being combined those chemicals to start life on this planet, then left us alone more or less?

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Late Chapter · 4:41pm Apr 18th, 2016

I deeply apologize to everyone, who was expecting this past sunday for a chapter update, especially shinigamisparda, and to make matters worse, I'm unbelievably busy this week, between work, prior engagements with friends, and college open houses, I'm completely booked. Hopefully I'll be able to get a new chapter out by the middle of next week.

Once again, deeply sorry for the delay.


Happy Birthday to me. · 12:17pm Feb 14th, 2016

Well, today I turn 18, and I'm going to see deadpool in a few hours,

Anyone else have any recommendations of what I do?

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Help? · 12:00am Jan 24th, 2016

Can anyone of my followers recommend a site where I can post fanfictions that aren't pony related? It would have to have a setup similar to this site, with a clear favoring, commenting, and following system. I've tried both Fanfiction.net and Wattpad, but with Fanfiction nothing was clear enough, and I don't feel that Wattpad is the right audience for a Fallout or Skyrim fanfiction.


Hiatus. · 12:43am Nov 30th, 2015

My apologies to everyone who was waiting for new chapters on Mind Over Magic and "My Sword is a tool of justice!", for I will be placing every single one of my stories on an indefinite hiatus while I work on a series that I can publish professionally. I might come back to my stories here at a future date, but for now I will be attempting to focus on those stories that can help me in creating a future for me.

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SHUT UP AND TAKE MY BOTTLECAPS! · 10:04pm Aug 5th, 2015

Well. Bought Fallout 4 today. Not much else to tell.

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Thank you! · 3:00pm Jun 11th, 2015

I'm honestly surprised. When I posted Chapter 3 I was expecting tons of comments critizizing my lateness and the smallness of the chapter, telling me that I needed to do better. I didn't get any comments, but I did get 15-17 favorites in the span of an hour and a half. Holy Shit! That I was not expecting at all! Is my story really that good? If it is, I'll have to keep working as hard as I can to finish more chapters, at the same quality that I've been posting. So once again, thank all of you

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wolfpack rp Google+ community · 4:18pm Feb 4th, 2015

I don't know how many of you have heard of prince nova blast's wolfpack stories, but he's given me permission to create a roleplay comunity, and I would like everyone to join if they want.

Can't link it ATM, cause I broke my computer, but search up The Neu-Toa on Google plus in the community section and you should find it.

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