The Rainbow Portal

by Thunder Quill

Chapter 3

Emily opened her eyes and sat up quickly, looking around the room. The room was plain, with a light brown desk at one end. She was sitting on a bed, quite a comfortable one at that, with a similar one right next to it. A circular window with a wooden plus sign going through it showed what looked to be a small town, with a tall, circular building being the most prominent. Next to her bed was a small bedside table, and next to the door was the staff. “Glad to see you are awake.” Imloch quipped.

She sighed, “So much for it being a dream and me getting drugged by some weird guy...” she muttered, lying back down on the bed.

”How are you?” He asked, ”Besides being stuck in an alternate universe?”

Emily turned her head on the pillow to look at him, “I guess I’m ok...not really happy, but I don't feel like having a panic attack again.” She said.

”That’s good.” Imloch replied, ”Jason was worried about you.”

Emily sat back up, and leaned against the wall behind her, “I guess he would, being that he has never seen me having a panic attack, then again, he has never seen either of us stuck in magic pony world, and you didn't help me much either, what with you talking, and all that.” she said, rubbing her eyes of sleep.

Imloch sighed, ”I am sorry about that, I did not realize that you would adversely react,” He paused, ”Whether you realize it or not, you do have magic in your blood, and when you used me against the nightmare spawn, it, activated, so to say.”

Emily frowned, “And it woke you up. I am supposed to believe a talking magic staff, that any member of my family in the past, used to be a mage, when all of that is myth and legend?” She asked.

”All myths have a grain of truth, I am your very distant ancestor, and I can recognize the magic within someone. I could teach you, if you wish.”

Emily shook her head, “No thanks, not really interested in being magical.” She replied.

Imloch sighed, ”As you wish, but the offer will always be open, now, I feel that I have accumulated enough energy to change my form into something more suiting to a mage.” The Staff began to glow brightly, blinding Emily for a second. As the light dimmed, Emily stared at Imloch’s new form. He was now a bright grey six foot five inch staff, with a black leather binding around the middle, wide enough for two hands. The very bottom of the staff had turned into a blade, taking up about about twenty four inches in length of the overall height of the staff, with a purple cloth binding directly above it. The top of the staff had turned into a twisted root like shape, with a perfectly spherical purple gem inside. ”Ah, much better.”

Emily pulled the blankets off her legs, and pulled herself off the bed, standing up onto the oak floor. She walked over and picked him up from the middle. She didn't have to hold him with two hands, since he wasn't as thick or as heavy as a branch anymore, and studied him carefully, twisting her arm around to look at every detail, “Thats cool.”

”Thank you,” Imloch responded, ”I do prefer this form over a branch, but the branch form is very energy efficient.”

Emily shrugged, “I'm just happy that you aren't as heavy. Why were you holding up a door anyway, seems kind of stupid of you to do that...” She muttered, thinking.

Imloch was silent, “I am not sure.” He finally said, “When I become a branch, I go unto a type of trance state, where I just, exist. I do not think, I do not feel, I am just, there. It is possible that whomever built the temple put me there to keep it open for whatever reason.”

“Ok...” Emily said slowly, “Well, might as well see what's going on here...and why everything is wood, and smells like sap.” She said, opening the bedroom door with her free hand and looking outside into the hallway.

”Jason went with Applejack to see the house she mentioned last night.” Imloch said, ”I believe it was next to a, SugarCube Corner?”

Emily sighed, leaving the bedroom, “Thats good at least, but now I’m alone in a house with a pony...and a relative who should be dead.” she found some stairs leading down and walked down them, going down to the first floor.

A purple lizard-like creature with green spines on its back was cleaning the floor with a broom, turned as the stairs creaked, “Are you feeling alright?” He asked her, “You didn’t seem so hot yesterday.”

Emily stared at him as she got off the stairs, “I'm feeling ok. I knew ponies could talk and all here...but I didn't realize lizards could too.”

The creature glared at her, “I am not a lizard, why does everypony assume that?!” He growled in frustration, “I am a dragon!”

“Alright sorry, jeez, just never seen a dragon before, and usually I thought they had wings...and weren't small.” Emily said defensively.

”They also stood on four legs, what kind of dragon are you? I would say you were a chromatic dragon, but none of them are purple, and they are all evil.” Imloch added.

Emily looked down at him in her hand, “How many dragons have you met?” She asked.

Imloch chuckled, ”At least one of every type, Red, Blue, White, Green, Black, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Silver, and tons others. And all the non-metallic ones wanted to kill me.”

Emily nodded, “Ok...” she said, looking down at the mini dragon, “Are you here to try and kill me, or something?”

The dragon looked up at her like she was insane, “Kill you? Why would I want to do that? I’m Twilight’s assistant, she told me to wait here for you so I could bring you to the house.”

”Come again?” Imloch said in disbelief, ”You’re Twilight’s assistant?”

Emily looked around, “Not the weirdest thing happening right now...considering you're a talking staff, this library looks like its a tree, and ponies are everywhere...” she said.

Imloch snorted, ”Talking weapons are more common than you would think, I once wielded a blade that could talk, his name was Enserric, and he helped me defeat a archdemon.”

Emily looked down at him for a minute, before she looked back at the dragon, “Just...bring me to where Jason, Applejack and Twilight are please.” she said.

The dragon nodded, “Sure thing, My name is Spike, it’s nice to meet you Emily, and you too Imloch.” He began to walk out the door.

Imloch began to grumble, ”I got my eye on you buddy…” He muttered quiet enough that only Emily heard him.

“Hes too small for you.” Emily whispered to him, walking after Spike.

Jason stood in the living room of the house they were going to buy, “It’s nice, but it might need some remodeling, the doorframes are too small for me and Emily.” He said.

Twilight walked into the living room from her spot in the kitchen, “Well...houses in Ponyville are usually made for ponies to live in, never has a Human actually come and gotten a house, so you can see why it would be a bit small for you.”

Applejack nodded, “Ahm sure ya can git used ta it, and if ya can't, maybe me and ma brother could do a bit ah work on making it more homely fer ya.” she suggested.

Jason nodded, “I understand that, wasn’t blaming anyone.” He said, “And speaking of homely, me and Emily are going to need jobs, to spruce up our homes and buy food and such.”

Twilight smiled, “There are a few places in town that could use a few helpful hooves. The quills and sofa shop across town for example, and maybe even Sugarcube Corner. I’m sure that even though Pinkie says that she has everything handled, its probably hard doing a lot on her own when the Cakes aren't around.” she said, thinking.

Jason rubbed the back of his head, “Anything more, not to sound rude, intellectual related? Like reading and writing and stuff like that?” he asked both of them.

Twilight tilted her head, “While me and Spike are able to take care of the library well enough on our own, I guess you can come around sometimes and help if you want to.” She suggested.

Jason smiled, “That would be cool, thank you Twilight.” He said, before a thought came to him, “The shadow creature, when it was pretending to be Lyra, said there was a movie named Star Mares? Is that true?”

Twilight nodded, “Yes, although I haven't seen it because I was busy studying back at the castle when it came out, I read the reviews of it in the paper a few days after, and it seemed to have gotten good reviews.” she said.

“If it’s the same as Star Wars then it got better then good reviews.” Jason smirked, as the front door opened.

“Twilight!” Spike’s voice called out, “Jason? Emily’s awake!” He yelled.

“I’m also here, so you could have just said I was with you.” Emily's voice said, before she appeared in the living room doorway, the staff different from the last time he saw it.

“Huh.” Jason said, staring at the staff, “I swear I’ve seen that staff before…” He mused.

”It’s called a Staffsword.” Imloch said.

Twilight studied it curiously, “That’s interesting...” She said, walking closer.

Jason sighed, “This is our new home, and I got a job!” He said, turning back to Emily.

“Technically, I didn't hire you, I said said you could come to the library and help out if you wanted if you felt like it at some point in the future. I would pay you for what you did, but that wasn't really what I would consider a full time job offer.” Twilight replied, stopping near Emily, looking at Imloch closely, “A magical item that can change the way it looks and speaks, interesting...”

Imloch sighed, ”Once again, that really isn’t that uncommon, I once killed an archdemon with a mix of my magic and a talking sword named Enserric.”

Twilight frowned, “Well, it is uncommon to see a magical item like you here in Equestria. I could study you and see how you work, so that maybe there could be more though to help out unicorns...” she mused.

”You probably wouldn’t want to do that…” Imloch said hesitantly, ”The only way to make a sentient weapon is to stuff the soul of a living being into it with forbidden magic…”

Twilight's eyes widened, “You mean like dark magic? Dark magic twists and destroys a ponies mind, making them a monster...I’m not allowed to use it, and I wouldn't want to. Maybe there is another way though...”

Imloch laughed suddenly, ”Dark Magic? There is no such thing, Magic is neutral, it only depends on the user, and how he or she uses it, Necromancy, Enchantment, Transmutation, Abjuration, Conjuration, Evocation, Divination and Illusion Magic. I was a practitioner of Necromancy myself, but I pride myself on knowing most spells.”

Twilights ears folded back, “Well, I will have you know that my talent is in magic, so I know a lot about magic as well, and I can tell you that dark magic does exist here, and it is an actual thing which is banned from use to everypony.” she said.

They could almost feel Imloch’s smirk, ”It’s a good thing that I am not a pony, for even in staff form, I can still use magic.”

Emily sighed, “I thought the magic only worked if I chose to use you, and you can't do anything unless I do something.” she said.

”That is not true…” Imloch fell silent as the purple gem lit up. A small badger like creature had appeared on the floor next to Twilight, ”That is a dire badger, created from the weakest summon creature spell.”

Twilight backed up from it, knowing how dangerous badgers were in general, “Thats impressive honestly, but also dangerous, considering what it is and the fact it will attack anything it deems a threat. I am not sure you were right in making the creature you summoned as an example be a badger.” She said, holding it in her magic for safety.

”You speak as though I have a choice on what I summon. Summon creature spells dictate what I can summon, and I cannot deviate from that.” Imloch sighed, the gem glowing as the badger disappeared, ”There are only two types of Magic, Arcane Magic, which comes from intense study and memorization. Anybody can learn magic, provided he/she is dedicated enough to learn the craft. The other kind of Magic is Divine Magic, which comes from the gods and goddesses. This Magic is usually to help, and to protect, but it also can hurt, and destroy, depending on what god or goddess you pray to.” Imloch explained tiredly, ”That spell took more out of me then I thought it would…”

Twilight looked at him, “Perhaps you aren't used to using magic anymore, or are not used to the normal magic of this world.” she suggested.

Applejack walked over to Jason as Twilight and Imloch talked, “Ah needa git back ta tha farm, so heres tha bits ta buy this place.” she gave him a small pouch, and quietly left the house.

”That may be, It has been at least 1000 years since I last cast a spell. But just remember young Sparkle. When it comes to magic, there is no good or evil, only those who choose to use it for those purposes. I was a Necromancer, but I saved the world on a couple occasions.”

Twilight sighed, “Alright, I suppose.” she looked up at Emily and Jason, “Ill leave you two to get settled into the house after you pay for it. I hope you both can relax while your here, and I’m sorry about what you had to go through, I can imagine being brought to another world would be difficult.” she said, walking out of the house with Spike, leaving the two humans and staff alone to fix up the house and buy it.

Jason turned to Emily, “Do you know where we go to buy the house? Cause I don’t think there’s a realtors office here.”

Emily shrugged, “Do they have a mayor like in most places? Maybe look for the mayors office if there is one.”

Jason nodded, “I think Twilight told me before you got here that the town hall is that really big building, that would be a good place to start.”

Emily smiled, “Let's head there then.” she said.

In the week that passed since Princess Luna’s return, life had returned to general normalcy to Ponyville, once they got used to the sight of two humans walking around. The ponies had freaked out at the sight of them going to the mayors office, and getting a house, but once they saw them a little more, and noticed they weren't hurting anypony, they relaxed and started to let their guard down. Jason had started going over to The Golden Oaks Library every couple of days, saving his money for something big. “You’ll find out when I put my plan into action.” Was all he said. Currently, he was helping Twilight and Spike reorganize the library, when Spike started hacking and coughing. “You alright Spike?” He asked the young drake.

Twilight rushed over as Spike belched out a letter. “Yeah, fine.” Spike said.

Twilight looked at Spike, “This is normal for him. His dragon breath sends and brings letters to me from the Princess. She must have something to tell me.” she said.

“Alright…” Jason muttered, his hand still over his rapidly beating heart. “What’s it say?”

Twilight picked up the letter Spike blew out with her magic, and read it. She smiled, “I have two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala!” she exclaimed.

Jason raised an eyebrow, “Grand Galloping Gala?” He asked.

Twilight looked at him, “Oh right, you don't know what that is, sorry. The Grand Galloping Gala is the biggest gathering of the whole year, usually only the top nobility in Canterlot goes, and to be given two tickets...I'm Celestias student and I can't even get in for free, is basically how huge it is.” She said, smiling.

Jason however, was not smiling, “I see one problem with that.” He said, “You only have two, and you have five best friends who are likely to want to go.”

Twilights smile changed to one of horror, “Oh no...what am I going to do!?”

“You’re Celestia’s student, why don’t you just ask for more?” Jason replied, “I’m sure she would understand.”

Twilight frowned, “I don't want to sound like I’m ungrateful with the tickets she generously gave me. I can't just ask her for more like that! I have to choose...” she said sadly, walking out of the library.

Jason sighed, “Mind if I go after her Spike?” Jason asked, “You can finish up here, right?”

Spike nodded, “Sure thing.” He turned back to the shelves.

Jason walked out of the library, looking around, “Might as well get some help.” He muttered, walking towards his house. “Emily? Imloch?” He called out as he entered the house, “You guy’s here?”

”I’m in here Jason.” He heard Imloch say from the living room. Jason walked into the room, and spotted the staff leaning up against the wall.

Jason walked over to Imloch, “Emily at work?”

”Yes.” Imloch replied, ”Is something wrong?”

Jason shrugged, “Might be, Can you help me find Twilight?”

Imloch snorted, ”I cannot, tracking spells were not my domain.”

Jason frowned and walked outside without a word, “Now where would she-” He stopped as he heard singing coming from SugarCube corner, one of the few places Emily and him could eat everything sold. As he approached the building, he saw Twilight walk out of the bakery, and he could almost hear her stomach grumbling. “Need some grub Twilight?” Jason said, walking next to her, his hands in his hoodie pockets.

Twilight looked up at him, “I do, but so far Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie haven't let me eat anything. Im just lucky Pinkie Pie wasn’t singing about wanting the ticket outside...”

“You know there is a more reasonable way to do this…” Jason groaned, “Tell Celestia that each and everyone of your friends wants the ticket, I would hope for good reasons.”

Twilight shook her head, “No, she’s my teacher, and I don't want to seem ungrateful to her for what she gave me already.” She replied. “I have to figure out who should get it, so I’m going to talk to Rarity.” she said, heading over to the circular purplish building.

“Trust me Twilight, it’s the easiest thing to do. If she say’s no, she say’s no. There’s no harm is asking.” Jason implored. “But, if you’re insistent on being stubborn, fine, I won’t stop you.”

“Thank you.” Twilight said gratefully, leaving him in the street as she went over to the boutique.

Jason sighed, before walking towards Emily’s job at Quills and Sofas. He always thought it strange that a Quill store sold Sofas, or vice versa. As he neared the building, he felt a rumble in the ground. Turning around, he saw Twilight being chased by almost everypony in Ponyville. “Oh shit!” Jason swore, dashing towards Quill’s and Sofas and jumping into the store, landing in a roll and crashing into a display case, “Owwww…” He muttered in pain.

Emily sighed, watching him, “I’m going to have to fix that now...” she said, helping him get up, and start fixing the display.

“No time!” Jason said, grabbing her wrist and charging out the door, “Twilight is being chased by the entire bloody town for some tickets to a gala.”

“Again with you and my wrist!” Emily exclaimed, stumbling as she got her footing.

“We have to stop by the house first.” Jason yelled, letting go of Emily’s wrist and rushing inside. A second later he came out with Imloch, before throwing him to her, surprising her as she caught it after some fumbling, almost getting cut.

”Will you stop tossing me around!?” Imloch grumbled, ”I still have a sharp blade.”

“Do you know any non-lethal shielding spells?” Jason asked the still grumbling staff.

”A couple, why?” Imloch inquired.

“I’ll explain on the way.” Jason responded.

“Please Darling,” Rarity near whined, “Isn’t true love more worthy than any of the other reasons?” She asked the crouching unicorn.

“Oh please!” Rainbow Dash scoffed, “Me getting into the Wonderbolts is so much better.”

Fluttershy hesitantly spoke up, Angel leading her on, “I think seeing all of the wonderful creatures is good...but I can understand not wanting me...”

Applejack snorted, “Ah want ta go ta git ma family some money ta help round the farm, thas ah better reason than all of yalls.” she said.

Pinkie bounced in front of Applejack, “I really wanna throw a party for those high-strung nobles!” She giggled.

The crowd advanced on Twilight, until someone yelled, “ENOUGH!” Everypony glanced backwards to see the town’s resident Humans, Jason and Emily, “You should be ashamed of yourselves!” He roared, “She’s had enough hardships today without you cornering her like wild wolves!” He gestured to Emily, who reluctantly slammed Imloch into the ground, blade first. The orb lit up as a giant wall of stone surrounded the entrance, blocking the townspeople out, and The Elements of Harmony, Jason, Emily and Imloch Inside. Jason turned his glare to the other Elements, “Inside. Now!” He said, pointing them inside the library.

Fluttershy squeaked, and flew slowly through the door into the library with the others.

Jason held his glare, “Do you have any idea how Twilight felt today?” He said angrily, “She was so bloody distraught from only being able to invite one of you, and you all start arguing over who gets the damned thing?!” He groaned, “I knew this was going to happen Twilight, that’s why I told you to ask Celestia to get more tickets for your friends…” He sat down on the couch, “Friendships have been destroyed over less than this, believe me…”

Applejack spoke first, after walking over to Twilights, “He's right, we shoulda been hasslin ya like that. Ahm sorry, none ah us deserve tha extra ticket.” she said, Fluttershy nodding silently.

Jason sighed, “Now will you just ask her for more?” He asked Twilight.

Twilight looked at the ponies assembled, and at Jason and Emily, “Alright...” she said, “Spike!”

Spike came rushing down the stairs, “Yes Twilight?”

Twilight looked at him, taking the tickets out with her magic, “Give Princess Celestia these tickets back, and tell her I don't want the tickets or go to the Gala if this is what happens to me and my friends over not having enough.” She said, putting the tickets in his claws.

Spike nodded, finishing the letter and sending them all to Celestia through his fire breath. “Sent.”

“Thank you.” Twilight said, sighing relieved.

Jason stared at Twilight, “You’re insane. Instead of asking nicely for more, like any normal being would do, you send them back entirely?” He groaned, sinking back into the couch, “What is wrong with this world?”

Emily looked at him, “The fact its full of animals that can talk.” She said.

Twilight sighed, “If my friends fight each other over a single ticket, it seems like a better idea for nopony to go, then to be ungrateful to Princess Celestia by asking for more. The tickets probably cost a lot of bits.”

Jason facepalmed, “You do realize she is the Princess, and gets as many tickets as she wants, for free?” He turned to the Elements, “You do see where I am coming from, right?”

Applejack nodded, “Ah see tha she would get em fer free, ah guess.”

“Maybe...” Fluttershy muttered.

Jason turned back to Twilight, “See, they agree with me!”

Twilight sighed, “I just don't want to seem ungrateful to her for everything she has given me so far...”

Jason sighed, “I understand,” He said, as Spike burped up another letter.

Twilight looked at it worriedly, “What does it say Spike?” she asked.

Spike opened the letter, “My faithful student twilight, why didn't you just say so in the first place?” He read, “You could have just asked me for more tickets,” Spike held out six tickets, “One for each of you!” He said, placing the letter down on the table.

“Wow...” Emily said.

Jason smirked at Twilight, “Told you.”

Twilight sighed, “I guess you were right...” her stomach growled, still having not gotten to eat yet, and she blushed.

Jason laughed, “Go and eat, we’ll meet you at SugarCube Corner.”

The Elements left the library, leaving Jason, Emily, and Spike in the building. “Awww… No ticket for me?” Spike muttered dejectedly. Suddenly, Spike belched again, revealing three more tickets, “And a ticket for Jason, Emily, and of course you Spike.” Spike read. “Yeah! I got a ti- Why would I want to go to such a girly thing?” He faked groaned.

Emily smiled, rolling her eyes, “Whatever, I’m not going to wear a dress to this thing...they itch like hell.” She looked at Imloch, “I hope you know I am also not going to use you again.” she said, taking one of the tickets.

Jason smirked, “I think Rarity will make you a non-itchy dress.” He laughed, grabbing a ticket.

“I refuse to wear a dress on principle.” Emily said.

“It’s probably a black tie event,” Jason said as Rainbow Dash flew back into the library.

“You mind taking down the Stone wall?” She asked, pointing towards the outside.

Emily looked at the wall outside the door as she put her ticket into her pocket, “Go ahead and do that Imloch.” she said.

”As you wish.” Imloch sighed, the purple orb lighting up. There was a deep rumbling sound as the wall disappeared. ”Go eat. He muttered. ”But you do realize that was magic on your part? I never knew that spell.”

Emily frowned, “Well, I didn't know a spell to make a giant wall appear either, wasn't me, because I didn't want to use magic.” she said.

”No, it was literally all you, You willed that wall out of the earth as a Unicorn here would, so that means you can use Equestrian Magic as well as mine…” Imloch said, somewhat awed at the fact, ”You could be better than me, with practice.

Emily shook her head, “No, not learning magic, not learning mage stuff, take him Jason, I don't want to talk about this.” She threw Imloch to Jason and walked out of the library.

Jason sighed, “She’ll come around eventually,” He said, following Emily, Spike close behind him as they went to Sugarcube Corner.