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Twilight decides to take her friends on a trip underneath Canterlot, in the old abandoned crystal cove systems. She would never have guessed what they would encounter there. Finding an unidentified life form that looks a lot like a hairless monkey with a bushy tail trapped within crystal, the group decides that Twilight should extract this rock formation and present it to princess Celestia so she'd decide what to do with it. However things go terribly wrong as the crystal shatters and the creature awakens from what seems to be suspended animation! The alien revealing itself as a Saiyan warrior goes rampant and after a few skirmishes manages to escape the capital.

Being the only one who is able to see past this mean-spirited warrior's violent nature, Pinkie Pie takes it upon herself to go on a journey all by herself, covering her tracks so her best friends and even the princesses themselves wouldn't be able to follow her, all in the name of her mission. A mission to find and befriend this Saiyan lady, no matter if she likes it or not! And once she does find her hilarity ensues! XD

So, it all comes down to a battle of wills! Who will win? The stone-hard fighter from space, with the strength to destroy entire planets, a crude personality, possessing abundant pride, an explosive temper, iron discipline and a nasty attitude


A Technicolored pink earth pony, that is absolutely silly, annoyingly zany, happy, cute and amiable, and which you can't escape from once she gets an idee fixe about you!

Can this Saiyan win a battle against the most terrifying force in the Universe known as the Magic of Friendship? Place your bets everypony!

Dragon Ball Zee/ My little pony: Friendship is magic crossover, Hie

Artwork done by me. Rated Teen for Warrior lady swearing and a few violent scenes. ^^

PS: yes she can go SSJ

1. The events of this fanfic are unfolding in the span of 8 months before season three's finale.
2. I decided to change the title a bit because I am hoping that this way more people will give this fic a chance! :)

Chapters (5)

The most ordinary day in Equestria. Until a 6 year old human girl walks straight in the middle of the lively Ponyville Marketplace, in its most busiest of hours! When nopony offers to help this lost soul, Rainbow Dash steps in! The girl is young and doesn't seem to know much of anything, let alone about talking horsies! But she will have to put her blind trust in the hooves of one!
RD will also find that something is definitely off about this alien creature from another realm! What is it? Read to find out!

Update: The story line progresses somewhere after the Crystal Empire adventure adventure during season 3.

Chapters (10)

Human in Equestria, if you dig these sort of things! This one has a spice to it though... A college student gets teleported to Canterlot by mistake by Princess Luna. How will he cope with this new world... being a fugitive and all!

Update: Just randomly thought up the new title of this fic! It's more fitting don't you think (ps: story still on hiatus though)

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