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Just a fan fiction loving reader who can get a little obsessed (HELP ME.)

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"I haven't been on this website in forever, and I've forgotten pretty much everything about it. Except for one thing: You. Well, you AND the fact that your stories always talked in fucking loops, had tense issues the likes of which the world has never seen, and were so OOC half the time it was like you had written a story with OC's and then gone through and changed all the names. I have come, in all my awe-inspiring resourcefulness, to offer my advice to you: get a fucking editor or get the fuck out, because the 100 faggots who actually enjoy your stories are all gonna get cancer from your grammar and die. You're fucking welcome in advance."

This is what you P.M.'d me. I don't really care what you said, you just seemed upset at the time.

Just commenting to say, b.s. aside, if you needed help, and reached out instead of saying what you said to me, I would've tried to helped as best as I could've at the time. If you return and are still in need of a friend, or whatever, hope you think about putting the past behind you.

Otherwise, have an awesome life.:ajsmug:

Do you have a story with potential, but only a few likes/views? Have you spent days working on something, but almost anyone noticed?

If you fit in one of these cases, or just want a new opportunity to share or read cool stories, then you are more than welcome to join in The Hot Muffins Group

Every week, five stories are selected to be featured on my 'Featured Muffins' blog post. Also, with reviews and etc...

I wish you a nice day, and oh; have a follower for you! Feel free to return it or not.

- PedroHander

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