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Takes place during Season 3, after Spike at Your Service, but before Keep Calm and Flutter On

Friendships that were gained. A promise that was made. A never ending rage. And a consuming desire for revenge. These are the things that keep me going. I tried to kill a princess and I failed. Now I am suffering the consequences. It doesn't matter. I have lost too much, and before this is over, I may lose even more... I might lose my friends. But I can't stop. Not until she dies. Not until she is made to pay for what she caused. I will not stop until she is dead. Nopony is going to stop me...

Not even you...


My name is Shadow Flare.

And my wrath... knows no bounds...

This is my first FimFic Story. Figured I'd try my hand at making a story, so constructive criticism is welcome. The first few chapters may not be to anyone's liking, as they're meant to get a laugh out of you, but as the story progresses, it gets much more serious, so try to stay with it and give it a chance, please?

Warning to everyone, there will be light amounts of gore (at least I'm gonna try not to make it too gory), and profanity in this story (though the profanity gets toned down in later chapters.)

Chapters (21)
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