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It was the discovery of the century. Technology from an ancient, forgotten civilization that predated even Celestia and Luna. With it, we achieved so much more than we could with magic alone. Biotics, more advanced medicine, space flight. As we set out to explore the stars, we wondered what became of such an advanced civilization as the protheans, as the data called them. But their legacy, the mass relays, will be our gateway to a whole new era.

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The world has gone through an industrial revolution, not bad. Progress is always good. Then came the advances to the military-industrial complex. Then the shit hit the fan. War has become a product thanks to the work of private military companies. Harmony is one such PMC. The Mane Six have come together to see if they can't break the world from using war as a business from within the war economy itself.

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A vengeful huntress.
A cheerful shaman.
A reclusive vampire.
A thrill seeking medium.
An elegant shapeshifter.
And a coltfriend who definitely has a few secrets.

Twilight has to carry out her self-given mission to protect Equestria from an ancient threat while dealing with the madness brought on by these five mares who've all but shoved their way into her life. All she wanted was to deal with the threat and take advantage of the rural town to have a nice little vacation with her coltfriend.

Why can't Twilight have nice things?

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Recently, life has not been fair to Twilight Sparkle. She's nearly gotten killed, and has been somewhat scarred for life. But as the saying goes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Watch as Twilight endeavors to prove it. Witness the rise of Iron Mare.

Inspired by Iowaforever's Justice League of Equestria series. I bring you the first installment in a series I like to call Celestia's Avengers. Hope you enjoy it.

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Spike and Rarity are closer than ever. Except for one small problem... Spike is stuck in the friend zone. But there is hope. Rarity is getting a visit from her brother. Can this stallion help Spike gain the heart of the mare of his dreams? We shall see.

Meanwhile, Twilight seems to be finally getting onto the dating scene. What a wonderful show this should make.

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After her defeat while wearing the Alicorn Amulet, Trixie goes out into the world to learn about humility and friendship, hoping to be worthy to call herself Twilight's friend. But the universe seems dead set on things not being easy or her. Or for anyone else for that matter. What happens when Equestria is threatened not by changelings, not by a mad god of chaos, but by an ancient spirit of pure evil?

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A collection of snippets from the secret second lives of some memorable ponies and other creatures. Hope you enjoy the mayhem.

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