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Bahamut Omega


A vengeful huntress.
A cheerful shaman.
A reclusive vampire.
A thrill seeking medium.
An elegant shapeshifter.
And a coltfriend who definitely has a few secrets.

Twilight has to carry out her self-given mission to protect Equestria from an ancient threat while dealing with the madness brought on by these five mares who've all but shoved their way into her life. All she wanted was to deal with the threat and take advantage of the rural town to have a nice little vacation with her coltfriend.

Why can't Twilight have nice things?

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An Elegant shape shifter you say?
*Straightens his bowtie*
Well if i must.....
*Heads out the door*
I'll be back when i find one:pinkiehappy:

"I haven't been a kid since I was eight years old."

Best Batman quote ever.

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