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Bahamut Omega


It was the discovery of the century. Technology from an ancient, forgotten civilization that predated even Celestia and Luna. With it, we achieved so much more than we could with magic alone. Biotics, more advanced medicine, space flight. As we set out to explore the stars, we wondered what became of such an advanced civilization as the protheans, as the data called them. But their legacy, the mass relays, will be our gateway to a whole new era.

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continue, continue CONTINUE PLEASE!!!

Really sorry to see this hasn't been updated in so long.
It is a really promising intro chapter. :pinkiesad2:

7029019 It's on the backburner right now. In the mean time, you might enjoy some of the other stuff I'm working on. Like this one.

Is this story officially dead? It actually seems fairly decent, and being a jaded bastard, that's high praise in my book.

7655860 Not dead. Just on the back burner.

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