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Bahamut Omega


A collection of snippets from the secret second lives of some memorable ponies and other creatures. Hope you enjoy the mayhem.

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I like your style. You make up your own rules, just like me.

That dragon is good, real good. Maybe even the best.

Entire BLU team is evil babies!

I think pinky would make better medic. Remember cupcakes?

2473970-cringes- All too well. But I think Pinkie is best suited to being the Pyro because they both come across as insane to some, and the Pyro thinks he's spreading happiness and laughter, like Pinkie does all the time. I was actually making reference to Cupcakes with Pinkie offering them.

So far, not much I can say other than excellent job on these so far. Faithful enough to the original "Meet" videos to be recognizable, but still having enough added material to not be total copycats.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess "Meet the Engineer" is going to be next (since I could see the Engi being recommended by her big brother, who happens to be the Heavy)

And, of course, I could also see the following bit when you get around to "Meet the Spy"

"What are you; president of her fan club?"

"No. That would be HER team's Soldier. I just happen to know better than to underestimate her."

Oops. Sorry about that. I just couldn't help myself.

This is awesome! :pinkiehappy: Please keep it up.

Amazing, though I feel as if twilight would be a better demoman. :P

I demand more. This is good, sticking to the videos, but not word for word.

Not much I can say other than this: Excellent work once again on the equal combination of source material faithfulness and original material inclusion, Here's one you might be able to use for your "Meet the Scout":

"Hey, come on. You know who I am. And, when it comes to speed and daring, I'm at the top of the heap. That's a pretty big deal."

Or a couple for "Meet the Medic":

"Well, you ARE going to need somepony who knows their way around medicine, and I AM one of the very few ponies you know you can trust who happens to know anything about medicine."

and "Angel Bunny, would you please get out of there? I have enough on my hooves without you making a bigger mess OR running the risk of getting sick yourself."

Then again, if you don't like the ideas, well then, I profusely apologize for wasting your time.

I do like this; but I have to ask if you plan to do a story with these characters once all the introductions are finished? I think seeing these guys in an actual mission together would be fun. :pinkiehappy:

2498217 I don't have plans for one right now. But I might at some point.

Sometimes you just need a little less gun

Well... What does a neck-bearded old engineer know about fashion. He probablly, O... wait... it's a she. Still what does she know. O wait, it says she has a medical degree, in fashion, from France!

It still amazes me how perfect Rainbow Dash is for the role of the Scoot. :rainbowlaugh:

Once again, great job on this latest installment. SIx down, three to go (four if you include a bonus chapter that has Twilight and Spike briefing their teammates on the enemies they will be facing). :-D

Again, magnificent job on the combination of source material faithfulness and original material addition (just the right combination of both). Just two more to go (possibly three if you include an original epilogue/bonus chapter). :-D

"Oh yeah!"
Kool Aid man approves.

Again, a well-done adaption of a great short. Eight down, one to go.

Now for the demomare

Oh don't be such a baby. Ribs grow back

No they don't

2532593 Actually they do. Assuming they've been shortened properly.

2534351 that was not what i ment.
In the video Meet the medic, the medic says to archemedes: No they don't.

This was amazing. XD
Perfectly done!

CELESTIA DAMMIT IT'S OVER!:raritydespair::flutterrage::twilightangry2:

Hasn't this been done already? Many times?

2860044 Who knows? I'm not sure myself. I got an idea, and I rolled with it.

2860028 Want to see more of them in action, do you? Well... if enough people want it, I'll see what I can cook up while working on my other projects.

Please please PLEASE give us more!!!:raritydespair: It was just so funny:rainbowlaugh:

pinkie pies a rarity! oops:twilightblush:. I mean the heavies a spy :rainbowlaugh:


Nice, love TF2


2472101 Just wait till you meet the pyro.


2500512 GlaDOS go back to Aperture...


2860044 And it just get's funnier and funnier every time.

This is awesome. Hey! Do us all a favor and parody Expiration Date?

I close TF2 and this is what I see?


Same here. I just was like "Okay that's enough hat simulator 2007 time to read horse words. Oh hi PF2"

marre vs machine.

Personally, I would've gone with Derpy as the Demomare, but this is pretty funny :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm, I didn't saw it coming.

Daww, some of the funniest parts such as the foreshadowing of scouts death, PLUS the " I teleported bread" line that always got me laughing, are not in this version. Still, well done.

I think that this an awesome parody of Team Fortress 2 and my little pony friendship is magic:raritystarry:

Not much I can say other than, excellent job on the exchanges, emotional content, humor, action and wrap-up in all the right places. :-D

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