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After her defeat while wearing the Alicorn Amulet, Trixie goes out into the world to learn about humility and friendship, hoping to be worthy to call herself Twilight's friend. But the universe seems dead set on things not being easy or her. Or for anyone else for that matter. What happens when Equestria is threatened not by changelings, not by a mad god of chaos, but by an ancient spirit of pure evil?

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Interesting premise. So lady Jade has arrived to Equestria by mysterious means (I hope that you give us some background as how that happened). I wonder how Ponies will deal with her after she singlehandlely defeated the Elements. Perhaps Discord will step in even if just to help the remaining Elements? Who knows.

Clever of Jade keeping Twilight around her, even if just to disarm the Elements. Discord already proved twice that as long the Elements are not in unison or agreement they don´t work. So as long Twilight remains enslaved the others can´t stop her. Unless they found a new bearer for the Element of Magic.

That scene of Jade ranting of what she missed for a 10000 years reminded me of Ivan Ooze of the Power Rangers movie. Truly inspired.

And the hunt for the Elements is on, just like it happened with the Talismans, the Portals, Masks, etc, on Jackie Chan Adventures. I wonder if you are planning to this story be similar how that show played. Curious to see what will come next.

PS: In case you think of posting this on Fanfiction.net, I strongly advise you to join Project Dark Jade. It deals with all kinds of stories around Jade playing for the dark forces, willingly or not, that ranged for stories that follow the cannon, alternate universes, even crossovers (my own is a JCAxWITCH crossover called Kage). This story seems fine to belong in the project, but that is your call.


Glad you enjoyed it. And I probably will post this on Fanfiction at some point. As for how Jade became evil, I've got a prequel planned for that purpose.

Shame you didn't continue this fic.

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