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Imagine waking up in a strange place without a single memory, That's how Wander felt. Wander is a young filly who woke up in the middle of Sweet Apple Acres without a single memory. Through many misadventures, She meets Derpy Hooves, A dim-witted but misunderstood filly who has ran away from her home. Together they will embark on a quest which has the fate of the ancient dragon race at a boiling point of war.

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I think it was a good start. I hope of more. :twilightsmile:

2419576 Thanks, I'm glad somepony likes it!

Jolly good job my dear old chap! Quite the riveting tale you have got going, and I am quite excited to see where this adventure shall go! Allons-y!


This story has been reviewed by: The Equestrian Critics Society

Story Title: Wander.

Author: Sire Derptington

Reviewed by: Shahrazad

“Wander.” is a story about discovery. About finding yourself, possibly at great cost. It has the makings of a good story. It has all it needs to have serious depth. It’s unfortunate that the amateurish mistakes here are like oil on a crystal clear pond. The story aims high but just doesn’t ever quite hit the mark. It would be a fun read if the story had some serious editing work done.

Full Review

Score: 5.0/10

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