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An elderly Applejack hears hoofsteps outside. She gets up and investigates, causing her to reminisce about her deceased ancestors and family members.

Note: This started as a little warmup paragraph, ~200 words long, and turned into this. Edited by my lovley friends Diamond & Sunleap.

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Comments ( 3 )

Halfway through the text I though: "Hey, it would be nice to read about AJ walking around Ponyville and reliving her best memories.".
Then I read to the end. :fluttershysad:
Short, but enjoyable read - at least it wasn't Twilight outliving everypony else all over again. Now go and write some more stories!

"Apple bloom, how are ya? What's it like bein' dead?"

...Strangely dark, yet meaningful at the same time. Overall this is a very nice read, but if anything I'd suggest that you break up your paragraphs a little more. :twilightsmile:

Sad, but it has a happy ending.

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