• Published 15th Mar 2013
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Scraps, Musings & Octavia Writes Fanfics - Wanderer D

Really short shorts that cross my mind and won't go anywhere.

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Because Present Perfect wouldn't do it

She had promised herself not to go there again. Not after he had gone away.

She had come back, looking for something... closure, perhaps? And yet, when she had found her little cell phone still worked and a message asking for her to participate with her former Orchestra as a... replacement for her replacement... she had simply smiled and let her fingers text a reply back, agreeing to cover for him this one night.

Just one night, to remember him, and the secrets, the puzzles and the flirting.

She'll look up at the boxes, and she'll know he's not there. But she'll be able to say goodbye.

Tonight will be the last night here, she promises herself once more. Just the one time

She'll play, she'll drink the music, and once the curtains come down, perhaps she'll walk around the University for a while. Maybe visit his favorite restaurant. Order a salad that has no bacon on it.

And then she will go back home and maybe break the damned mirror.

The curtains rise, and she chases away the stray thoughts.

He found out that same morning because Skye would not leave the issue alone. Somehow she had found out that there was a change in the orchestra, and she had surmised that he needed to know. And that he needed tickets, again.

A simple change, due to a piece of the ensemble falling ill on the opening night.

Something usually not worthy of his immediate attention. Except, she was there.

And suddenly his memories didn't seem so vague anymore. He had cancelled his few other appointments and set out to the Schnitz.

He had found his way to the balcony. And it had felt as strange as that one time.

He questioned his being there; whether he was imagining things, whether this was some attempt at getting to him, or even real was irrelevant. He needed to be there, because there was so much that had been left unsaid.

When the curtains opened, he forgot how uncomfortable the chair was. How he shouldn't be there, or that his memory might not be complete. She was there, and she was looking up at his balcony.

Doubtless the light would prevent her from seeing him, but he leaned forward, a smile spreading on his face which he made no effort to conceal.

He listened and watched in rapt attention as she slid the bow on the strings, as her eyes closed and opened, her lips pressed together or smiled. There were so many mysteries he needed to unravel, so many possibilities... before he knew it, it was over and he was on his feet, clapping just for her, his mind telling him to go, that he should disappear before there was any chance of her...

The lights dimmed enough as the orchestra took their bows, and she stole a sad glance his way.

Their eyes met.

"Hey! Tavi! Are you writing again?"

"VINYL SCRATCH!" Octavia hollered, pulling down the screen so her friend couldn't see. "Learn to knock!"

"I knocked!" Vinyl whined. "Very, very softly!"

"Get out."



"Fine! Fine! No need to twist my tail! I'm going!"

Octavia waited until the door closed again and looked at the screen, a morose smile on her face. "Maybe some stories are better left alone. Goodbye, Mr. Collector."

The End?

Author's Note:

Yes, yes. This is not in any way an official continuation of Present Perfect's excellent fanfic, A Puzzle Unsolved. And honestly, a sequel would probably take away from the story more than add anything to it. It was, after all, a one-shot, and a damned good one at that. Not all stories need to go further than their intended ending, after all.

But, Octavia disagreed.

Also, apologies if you saw two lines in the first scene break, for some reason the code was not working correctly for me.

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