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Equestria. A wonderful place of love any happiness, ruled over by a kindhearted and gentle Princess. Ponies live their dreams, their destiny made clear to them as soon as they accept what they are good at. I was born here, with all of the hopes and dreams possible for somepony so young. That all changed one day, as my destiny would never be my own...

My name is Sigil Silverlight, and this is the story of how I died.

A young pony struggles to find meaning and the forces of darkness conspire to restore an ancient evil. Can harmony restore the balance? Or will Equestria be unmade.

A story of love, life, loss, and destiny.

On Hiatus until I get my drive back. Should only be a couple of weeks as of 7/7/2013.
So it's been more than a couple of weeks. I can't seem to get my mane 6 right... Going to try some art and maybe a few one shots to get my momentum back. 9/27/13

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 7 )

Oh Celestia, she was dreaming... Whew...

Pretty good if I say so myself. I will definitely be looking for to the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Sorry for the delayed response. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I plan on making this feature length (25 to 30 chapters). I've just finished chapter 8 so expect another weekly update rather than the every other week that I promised!

In reference to your comment. *Spoiler: copy and paste elsewhere to reveal* Sigil isn't dreaming at the end of chapter one

Tracking, don't let me down now!:rainbowwild:

Thanks! I'll definitely try not to. As a first time writer though, we'll see. :twilightoops:

*Badass Sigil mode activated*

Her personality is a little OOC for an eight year old. Might want to fix that.:twilightblush:

Yeah, I plan on taking a break for a month or so and revising a whole lot. I'm not super pleased with it and what I've written doesn't match up with what I've got in my head.
I really appreciate the input, and given time I'll iron out the kinks found. :twilightsmile:

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