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Vinyl Scratch and Octavia are two ponies that nopony else thought would get along but they did. However Octavia keeps her past away from any prying eyes. When a trip to Ponyville and Octavia's performance in one of the most prestigious musical events lead to questions about Octavia's past and her family Vinyl decides to look for answers. But sometimes the most tempting questions are the ones never meant to be answered. Octavia doesn't want this Pandora's box opened because when they close it again they might leave the most valuable thing trapped inside.

Chapters (2)
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Arrighty, would seem to be a decent story plot, just want to know if Octavia is a Bassist or a Cello player, you've kinda got them both in there.

Sorry I didn't make this clearer. While Octavia plays the cello it's assumed she's the bassist of the group since she plays the deepest of the instruments of her ensemble>>2267394

The Alternate Universe tag also works when making non canon changes to canon characters. it's the biggest excuse to rewrite any pony's story you can have! :trollestia:

2323585 Thanks for that,:twilightblush: I'm still kinda new to several aspects of the site.

it's your story, just don't do something silly and turn Rainbow Dash into an egghead. :rainbowhuh::facehoof:

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