• Published 9th Feb 2013
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I'm Getting Underpaid For This - Warmaisach

We all know our beloved dragon, Spike. He is kind, helpful and never complains about unfair working conditions. What if all this were reversed? What if he is a cynical and sarcastic flank-hole? Let's watch him change this.

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Arc 1: 1 - Decisions

„Spike! Hurry, we need to help Applejack at the farm!” Twilight shouted to me, while I was reshelving the entire library. It honestly amazed me, how she was able to stop me from doing something this exotic. I mean, I never reshelve the library. That was an absolutely rare task, and while doing this delicate and rare job, she dared to stop me in order to get me to follow her to help the one pon-… sorry, disguised book I actually have something against, except Twilight?

“Yes, I would gladly accompany you to help Rattlesack, err Applejack. It’s not like I have anything to do right now.” I told her with an annoyed tone, to which she rolled her eyes.

“You can reshelve the library when we are done helping her.” She exclaimed with an annoyed voice. I turned to her with a huge smile. I don’t think that I need to explain that the smile was fake.

“Oh, really? I am allowed to continue my work later, in order to work some more elsewhere? This could be the most generous thing I ever received.” I put a claw to my chin and made myself look like I actually thought about something. “No, never mind. It’s not even close.” The last part, I said with a sour voice. Twilight turned around and looked at me with a raised eyebrow, and an annoyed expression.

“Do you want to tell me something, mister?” She asked, laying special emphasis on the mister, like I broke a teacup, and she would know that I did it. I bowed to her in a deep bow and started talking in an overly done servant character.

“Oh no, never would I speak against my master and owner.” She snorted once but got closer. Leaning over in my face, she looked me deep in my eyes.

“Your attitude has gotten worse since we came to Ponyville. I would appreciate it if you could keep it in check.” She told me while poking me with one of her hooves. Oh, I should control my attitude? I’ll show her, controlling my attitude.

“What? Me? I am an absolutely loyal servant. I would never think about being disrespectful.” I told her with another bow. She didn’t react how I anticipated she would. Instead, she only sighed, and looked at me with a pained expression.

“Do you honestly think like this? Am I just your owner?” She asked me with a hint of worry in her voice. Oh, looky here. Twilight seems to think that she handles me differently than just a pet/slave. How interesting. Let’s see where this goes.

“Oh, excuse me. Am I not being clear enough? I thought I told you this two times already. Do you need it a third time?” I asked her while crossing my arms in front of me. She seemed annoyed at that remark, but I didn’t stop there. “You… are… my… owner.” I poked her with every word I told her. “At least that’s how you treat me.” I added after this.

She seemed to have a pained expression, but only for a very short time. Instead of showing to me that she cared or that she was concerned about anything different than her friends or her books, she just stomped on the floor with aggression. “You want it that way? Fine! I just hoped we could talk like two civilized ponies, but as it seems you want to talk like a slave to his master. If you want it this way, fine!” She almost shouted at me, but I didn’t falter.

So what if she was angry? I didn’t care about her so she can be as angry as she wanted. I didn’t care. Instead of letting it slip by, I continued with my onslaught. “As if we were talking any differently before. ‘Spike do this. Spike do that. Spike, I don’t care that you nearly died while climbing those ladders. Spike-“ I got interrupted while recounting her sentences and thoughts with my incredibly reasonable impression of her voice.

“Oh, don’t be like that! As if the ladders would be high enough to hurt you!” She answered with an angry voice. My eyes instantly went wide open, and I had a shocked impression on my face.

“What? Then the broken bone I had after I fell down a ladder was a lie? How?! How could somepony put a broken bone in my body, immediately after a fall? Is it magic? Please, don’t tell me it’s magic. I don’t understand magic!” I did not overdramatize this. Especially not with my kneeling before her. Twilight only rolled her eyes.

“What is your problem? Why do you keep saying that I am treating you like a slave?” She asked with an annoyed raised eyebrow. She is not treating me like a slave? Well, let’s see.

“Because you are doing exactly that!” I shouted in her face, and her anger exploded.

“Like a slave? LIKE A SLAVE?! I have not been treating you like a slave! I have been treating you like a pony!” She got into my face, but I still didn’t care.

“Oh you would treat ponies exactly like you treated me? Then let me show you exactly what you would do if you would treat ponies like you treat me!” I shouted in her face and went to a ladder.

“Spike?” She asked me with an annoyed tone, but I ignored her. Looking through the shelf, I found the book I was searching for. I grabbed it and looked at it. “Ponyrights” stood on the front cover of the book. Tucking it under my right arm, I came down from the ladder. Not stopping, I walked to the door and opened it.

“What are you doing?” Twilight asked again, but I still ignored her. When I came out of the library, I walked to the side on some patch of grass. Looking around, I found a shovel and took it. While I carried the shovel to the grass-patch, I saw Twilight coming out of the library. I began digging a hole in the grass.

“Spike?” She asked again, but hey look at this, I didn’t care. When I finished the hole, I picked up the book and threw it into the hole. “Stop!” Twilight shouted, but I didn’t relent. Throwing all the dirt back into the hole, I stamped on top of it until it was smooth and hard. With an enraged look on my face, I turned to Twilight.

“That’s what you would do! You would bury the ponyrights if you would treat them like me!” I shouted at her while she also looked furious.

“Don’t overdramatize this! I told you that I was treating you like a normal pony!” She shouted back angrily. One of my claws shot up, and I held it out to indicate the number one.

“One, I don’t get paid.” I recited, and Twilight quickly countered.

“You can live with me. You get food and shel-“

“Two, I work for ten hours a day effectively, and have to be on standby for the remaining four!” I interrupted her, but she still seemed furious!

“You can’t call this working. Studying is-“ I didn’t let her continue. I was on a roll.

“Three, you decide what I eat, when I eat, if I eat, and what I drink.”

“My house, my rules.” She recited with an air of authority around her.

“Four, whenever somepony talks to me, you barge in or send them away!” I continued, but this time, Twilight seemed to pause a minute to answer, but then only shook her head.

“That’s not true!” She shouted and stomped her right forehoof at the ground. “Give me one example where I did that!”

“Moon Dancer!” I instantly answered, and she only groaned.

“Oh come on. She is boring, and her study material is too weak.” She exclaimed with an aura of annoyance.

“Fluttershy!” She rolled her eyes again.

“We were in a hurry, and needed to find something to stop Nightmare Moon.” She said with exasperation. I crossed my arms but didn’t continue. After a while, she grinned self sufficient, thinking that she evaded the rock that was shooting at her.

“See? I don’t do this every time. That you can’t find an example anymore proves this.” She stated with confidence. I only raised my eyebrows and smirked.

“Oh, I think you are mistaken.” Her self-satisfactory smirk vanished, and she looked annoyed again. “You see, I can’t get more examples because I just told you 100% of all encounters that I had, and with justifying your actions, you just confessed that you barked into every single conversation I had with somepony!” My logic hit her like a rock, but outwards she seemed to didn’t care at all.

“So? It’s not my fault that you are not talking with other ponies that much?” Oh, now it was on.

“It is! If you wouldn’t want to have me close to you 24/7, then I could get out of the house for once! You hold me like a prisoner in your library. Tell me, when was the last time you let me outside or gave me some free time before we came to Ponyville?” She immediately wanted to answer, but stopped mid-hoof. Instead, she only resumed thinking. She thought and thought. After a while without answer, I continued.

“Didn’t find anything?” I asked her with an annoyed tone. Her expression changed gradually from thinking to horror. After a while, she looked to me with a shocked expression. Seeing my victory, I smirked cockily like I never did before. “Oh, does my mistress not find a moment where she gave her slave some free time?” This seemed to tip her off, and her shocked expression changed back to anger. Deep and burning anger.

“Listen here, Spike! If you are not satisfied with how I am treating you, then why don’t you just leave?” She shouted at me with rage. That was it. That’s it. I had enough. I could comp with my stress, my work, my slave life, but now she went too far. Instead of backing up, I got into her face and screamed the next word that came out of my mouth.

“FINE!” I walked into the library and did not look back at Twilight. I went up the stairs, to our bedroom and took the bag with gems out. When I had it, I realized that this was everything I owned. I was eleven years old, and the only thing I possessed was a bag of food. This only helped in fueling my rage.

Just when Twilight came up the stairs, I just left the bedroom and didn’t look her in the eyes. I didn’t care anymore. It was over. Stomping to the door, I opened it and went outside. “Spike, wait!” I heard from behind me, but I was too furious to respond to her. I only smashed the door behind me loudly and trotted down the road towards Ponyville.

I was so angry that I muttered to myself with curse words and things I would do without her, and how nice a life without Twilight would be. I was so enraptured in my own plans that I didn’t notice that I already was in the middle of town and that almost everypony stared at me like I had grown a seventh leg.

This was something I certainly didn’t need now. “WHAT DO YOU WANT?!” I shouted at everypony all around me, and they winced at this. In an instant, they all began to look at something different, and I harrumphed. All those ponies. I didn’t need them.

I continued on my path without goal and came to a cottage at the Everfree Forest. I lifted my head and only now realized that I’ve never been here before. Looking closer at the cottage, I saw a yellow pegasus skimming around the house, feeding animals. It was Fluttershy. She was one of the few that truly talked to me like an equal.

Looking closer to her, I saw that she didn’t notice me, and I made a gesture that meant farewell. Before she noticed me, I walked along my path and stopped before the Everfree Forest. Looking at it, I knew what would wait for me in there. A forest full of danger, but also a new life. A life without ponies that looked down upon a dragon. A lonely life.

My mind went heavy as I now stood before my ultimate decision. The decision that would involve the rest of my life now. Would I really go in there, and live of plants and gems? Maybe even of meat? I turned around and saw the cottage with Fluttershy again. Maybe, It wasn’t too late? Maybe I could go back to them? Live somewhere else, and apologize to Twilight some days later?

Turning back to the forest, I didn’t know anymore what to do. What should I do? Should I go and create a new life somewhere else, or try to get back my old life?

Author's Note:

This is where the adventure-tag comes into play.