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We all know our beloved dragon, Spike. He is kind, helpful and never complains about unfair working conditions. He helps where he can and tries to live a happy life while being Twilights' number one assistant.

What if Spike wasn't that? What if he would be a sarcastic and cynical flank-hole? What if he had enough of the way Twilight handled him? What if he leaves Twilight and searches for his own life?

Well, let's see how this plays out.

Now with a sequel.

Dated pre-coronation, and will not take the changes of it into consideration.

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It is wrong for me to like this Spike better than the show's?:unsuresweetie: If it is then I DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT!!!:pinkiecrazy: Congradulations, you just made one of my most favorite versions of Spike of all time.:pinkiehappy: Please tell me the other will know more about this side.:raritystarry:

Awesome I want MOER :flutterrage: if that ok wit you

2098766 2098726
Thanks both of you. This story isn't really intended to be one of my main stories so I won't update thaaaat frequently, but I will still update.

I came to the idea of that Spike, while rereading the first chapter of my main story, where he had a little part in it. I thought, lol how about an asshole-Spike?
And bam, I wrote the whole chapter on one day :pinkiehappy:

2099120 As long as this story doesn't die I won't complain.

Nice. It could use some touching up grammatically, though. Interestingly, instead of having too few commas like most authors, you actually have too many. There are also a few instances where you used the wrong word. For example:

My dear Twilight, there is more to a young ponies live than studying.

This sentence has two wrong words: "ponies" should be "pony's" and "live" should be "life".

Also, you don't need to capitalize "unicorn" or "pegasus".

The writing seems a little stiff. Actually a lot stiff. Other than that, it's pretty good. I'm constantly pissed at how badly everypony treats Spike, I love stories where he tries to get back at them for it. Too bad this will be one of those episode content only stories, I prefer actual conflict resolution to forever continuing snark fests.

I can't say I've seen an idea like this before. That is a very good sign. Just try not to simply recap the episodes with sarcasm thrown in. Try to add some original content, kind of like you did in the end of this one.

A interesting interpretation of the first episode.

Calling it now. That book Spike burnt was the Elements of Harmony book.

Now that I think about it, this makes perfect sense.
Please, keep it up.:fluttershysad:

2099346 Thanks for pointing out the flaws. I already changed the flaws you mentioned. Sorry, if there are so many. It's just that I am actually german and no native english speaker. :twilightblush: Maybe I should get a proof-reader.:twilightblush:

I was thinking of this image for most of the chapter.

Good work, keep it up!

Why didn't Spike just tell AJ to piss off? He'd win in a fight against her, so nothing would have happened to him.

2107831 Because Spike may be some kind of asshole, but he is not so lowly to just attack a pony. AJ didn't really do anything to him. She only shut him up when he gave his unwanted comments.

I enjoyed the second chapter much more than the first. Spike was awesome. Keep going!:moustache:

I can see Applejack not being the best of friends with Spike.


Great chapter. Will Twilight ever find out how Spike really feel's and think's about her?


hmm seven moustaches for you :moustache: :moustache::moustache::moustache:

2113851 Seriously.... I don't have a slightest idea. I'm writing this without some kind of plan. I just start writing and write what's on my mind. So I really don't know if she will get to know that.:twilightsheepish:


Voting commences here.

Thumbs up: Spike stays.

Thumbs down: Spike goes.

Thanks for voting. :twilightsmile:

congrats this is the first story i ever posted to. i have to say have spike go the sheer change in the storyline is huge cause without spike twilight won't be able to send or receive her letter so a whole new thing would have to be gotten not to mention this is the episode with the gala letter so the whole point of this :moustache: well be gone.

I would go for:

1: He goes back to Ponyville (forgot his journal and doesn't want Twilight to read out of it)... she does and just as he arrives she is bawling her eyes out and he sees the journal and she hugs him and apologizes non stop and he also admits to handling things incorrectly (maybe).... from that day onwards, Spike and Twilight do adventures together and she gets him his own bedroom in the library and enrolls him in school (if he wants to), basically treats him like a true friend...

Problem with that method is that if enough people vote down, your comment no longer shows.

As it is, I vote for the adventure. But I would suggest a subplot involving Twilight searching for Spike. That would add some good drama.

I say go with both. Make two stories one for each version. If that's not a option than I guess I vote for Thumbs up Spike stays and gives Twilight one last chance. Though I will be honest and say I really do like RisingOne idea for a subplot if you go with adventure. Hmm if you decide to use RisingOne idea than consider my vote change to adventure.

Comment posted by nightmaster0 deleted Feb 15th, 2013

While I am in favor of adventures and votes accordingly, I would like to see Spike return to Ponyville from time to time, maybe in between adventures? This way, you're not locked into one or the other.

I say adventure. Twilight thinks he's just trying to guilt her and is probably staying nearby (maybe with one of her friends who he begged not to tell her) and goes about her daily business (she's naive enough to think this, especially in this story).

When she finally figures it out, he's far away. Now there's nothing she can do to stop him figuring out that she has been a complete bitch to him his entire life and swear revenge. It's completely obvious that Twilight was only doing all those things to keep him busy so that he wouldn't have time to think and realise that he's a fire breathing meat eating dragon who could rule over her rather than her over him. :derpytongue2:

Seriously though, Spike wouldn't go back, he'd say 'buck you Twilight' and move on. Whether he'd go over mountains and oceans or if he'd stay in the Everfree, learning the ways of the dragon from the one in there, is up to you. Or he could circle round to Canterlot and go tell Celestia everything that's been going on, maybe go on adventures and such with the newly returned Luna? Spike and Luna do Equestria. Or, if Spike hates Twilight, he could repoison Lunas mind against the world and turn her against the Elements, now they've got a dragon and an alicorn out to get them.

I'd read any of those.

I vote for going back to Ponyville. Spike being sarcastic to everyone is just too funny and Spike adventure fics have been done to death.

As I saw from what you said in your comments at the end of the chapter is that you would have more fun writing this story as an adventure and by that statement alone I say go ahead. I always find that if an author is passionate in what he or she writes the story tends to turn out for the better.

Also this would act as a great opportunity for Spike to have a "coming of age" story in which he learns the goods and bads of the world that are outside of the library he was in and learns from them all. During which Twilight would look back during the time-span and learn from the past misdeeds she has caused for Spike misfortunes. And after a certain amount of time (weeks, months, etc.) Spike would eventually come back to Ponyville and accidently bump into Twilight. Maybe awkward at first but maybe after a while they begin to talk about the state of their lives and adventures until eventually they both apologize for the way they acted and all that.

Just thinking about this scenario makes me want to cry manly tears and fills my mind with nostalgia for some reason. Although this is all just me throwing my two bits into the pond and its totally up to you on how you continue this story whether he stays or not. So without further ado I give this story my blessing, my favorite, and my opinion on how it should proceed. So until next time.


I say adveture with the occasional visit to Ponyville.

Why not do both? Pick one, then start another story in which you do the other. I suggest keeping this story as the slice of life one, as that's already how it started. I'm partial to the Slice of Life version, as it's what I came for. I was looking forward to snarky Spike reacting to the episode events, not actual emotion and drama.

alright alright, first thank you all for your numerous comments. Really means a lot to me.:twilightsmile:

Normally I would agree with the method of doing two stories, but as it is I am just no slice of life guy. If i would make two stories out of this, I would only update the one I would have fun writing and would let the fans of the other one hanging.

So based on your oppinion and votes, I will send him on an adventure, but not without the search subplot. I had this planned either way with the subplot, but still thanks for suggesting it. I'll still try to keep it rated "everyone" even though i'll have to show the evil world of Everfree and stuff.

Well let's see how this plays out.

And the next chapter, Twilight is going to have a sob-fest :moustache:

Drugs happened, Spike. Drugs happened.

And no wild animals ate dinner that night.

That. Was. Hilarious. I really like cynical Spike. Also,

Cabbage ponies always seem to be so fanatic about their cabbage.

Was that an Avatar: The Last Airbender reference?

2142412 actually no. I didn't even watch that anime even once. I referenced a cabbage pony in another fic, and the author of that fic apparently referenced avatar.


What kind of berry did he ate? An instant drunk berry.:unsuresweetie::rainbowlaugh:

Spike: The Disgruntled Librarian Assistant? :rainbowlaugh:

I like your idea. Spike goes on an adventure and Twilight (appropriately apologetic) follows along after.
Maby (assuming that she catches up to him) Twilight could let Spike be the boss for a while (at least till they get over their issues :scootangel: )

Holy crap, this chapter escalated quickly!

Twilight is in deep denial. What did happen to Spike after he ate the berries.

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