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One morning, Twilight awakens to find everything in Ponyville is...peaceful. All nearby evil seems to have been dealt with, and the only trouble they've resolved recently was convincing Lyra not to do dangerous experiments in her "secret" lab to try and become human. This strikes her and her friends as a terrible catastrophe, as they feel their sense of being true heroes is deteriorating. So, they decide to travel across Equestria with their friend Shadow Darkfeather (see "Shadow in Equestria"), in search of a cure for their aching need to be, well, NEEDED.

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I'm so glad I found this story--it's excellent! Even though your author's note on the first chapter mentions that this a crossover with something else, I still think it's hilarious even without the benefit of knowing the reference. I really enjoyed reading the fourth-wall jokes between the narrator and Twilight in the third chapter. Plus, your writing style fits the story perfectly; you can really get the humor across and manage to tell a great story. So, I'll be following this. Keep writing, my friend!

hey clank editing will be done don't need to get personal.

I wasn't getting personal, just keeping you on your toes:derpytongue2:. Thanks for everyone who's been reading this so far. I enjoy writing stories, no matter how crazy it can get.:pinkiehappy:

*cough* suck up *cough* *cough* oh and it's not crazy it's fun and maybe a bit off topic but never crazy. I haven't got to that part yet :pinkiecrazy:

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