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Shadow, a young stallion whose been traveling throughout Equestria, is searching for the creature that orphaned him and caused the destruction of his home village. After saving a young filly in peril in the Everfree, he discovers the creature is residing near Ponyville, and he must recruit the help of some familiar ponies to attempt to defeat the darkness, and possibly recover what once was lost. Will they stop this foul creature in time, or will Shadow's past bring a darkness worse than Ponyville has ever seen?

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 8 )

Peering over at thou cover art, it appears Twilight Sparkle.

Might I presume that thine Shadow will appear Twilight?

I had almost caught up to the light when it flew up into the air

And I know I've only read the first chapter, but the setup feels very familiar to me. Like something I wrote myself. As if it was written on my profile and I only have one chapter left.

(just kidding, my story's still too obscure to accuse anypony of ripping me off)

Oooh this looks interesting :pinkiehappy:

It's great to be seeing my story already getting a lot of views and comments. Sorry for any slight misspelled words or such, as I actually have written the entire story so far on my notes app on my phone, and it doesn't always catch mistakes in grammar. I usually fix most of them before uploading, but some get through. And as for epicdonus1123's comment, I actually took a while to find a picture that moderately fit the story while still keeping some themes hidden, but we shall see if it may foreshadow a later event in the story :pinkiegasp: We shall see...:scootangel:

It's been WAYYY to long since I actually showed any progress on this...oops :facehoof:. Well, to show my good faith, here's 2 new chapters, with chapter 13 about 85% done. I am actively working on it again, folks. I just have other life priorities as well. :twilightsmile:

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