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You are Louis, a High School senior who starts having dreams about pastel colored ponies, but why?
Confused, you soon get a letter that will lead your life into unknown territory, for better or worst.

Second attempt at a story with ponies.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 6 )

We'll see...

I am intrigued, continue....:moustache:

"Oh hey, something about Fluttershy and dreams.
Second person story. Okay, no, those are awkward.
Second person story with human insert. Okay nope."

interesting...very interesting...pleas continue :moustache:

Well there are worse things to wake up ass naked to other than Fluttershy am I right? Hell I'd laugh in this guys position but I agree with not wanting to know what happened the night before. :rainbowlaugh:

its a good start I am happy to find out where this leads

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