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Sweetie's Mansion - Moon Shooter

A My Little Pony/Luigi's Mansion Crossover

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Chapter 5- The First Battle with the Applebucker[REBOOT]


"C'mon Sweetie. Come on."

Sweetie mumbled to this to herself as she continued her accent to the top of the stairwell. She heard the sound of it's metal creak every step that she took, as though it were teasing her about collapsing under her. "If Twilight and her old flank could do it, you can too."

The weight of the device was already enough for Sweetie. Not overbearingly heavy, it was also anything but light. The GCD, despite its small size, was somewhat straining on the filly's back. Hopefully she could get used to it. Even more, the GCD didn't have any kind of holster for the nozzle. Therefore, she had to walk with it while it was in her front hoof. In turn, it was awkward to walk, and Sweetie, more than once, had almost tripped over the thing, to fall back down the stairs.

"Wouldn't want that." Sweetie rubbed her head at the number of lumps she would receive from hitting her head repeatedly against hard metal. She still had a faint headache from falling down the stair after all. Sweetie shook her head. Useless thoughts might get her killed out here, she had to stay focused on her goal.

Save her friends.

Save her crusaders.

Save her... sister. Yes. The thought of saving her was the main thought that kept her moving forward despite the fear and anxiety trying to overshadow her in the stairwell. It was the only thing numbing the fear she felt as she climbed.

As Sweetie reached the top of the stairs, she froze in place as felt a chill. It was the same warning chill Sweetie had felt both in the woods, the hallway and in her bedroom. Sweetie had felt that chill enough times to know what it meant. The red flag to something was waiting for her at the top of those stairs.

"Here we go." Before the chill actually did freeze her, she continued on. Sweetie tried to prepare herself for a fight, trying to show her teeth to create a menacing face. Instead came a fearful face, with chattering teeth. So much for my war face.

Sweetie reached the top of the steps, sighing with relief that there wasn't anything around. Still, her nerves were still too far on edge to return to being calm. Coming from behind the flashlight, out of her mouth was the mist of cold air. No matter what she wasn't seeing, there was no doubt in her mind. A ghost had to be nearby someplace and could very well be in the next room. The dining hall. Sweetie couldn't afford to let her guard down now.

She cautiously walked from out of the stairwell, and started for the dining hall, and was immediately stopped by a sound.


It was the laughter of a ghost. Sweetie froze there for a moment, hesitant to head into the next room. She knew she would have to fight a ghost sooner or later. It was almost funny how moments ago she was sure she was ready to show one "what for and mean to be". Now her teeth were chattering louder than ever and her legs prepared to buckle for when it did show up.

This is nothing. I can do this. Remember Rarity. Do it for Rarity. Sweetie coached herself to move on. Making sure her flashlight was in her muzzle firmly, and that as she walked the dangling GCD nozzle wouldn't be too far out of reach, Sweetie moved on into the dining room to find-





The dining hall was empty, aside from a long table, chairs, glasses and plates, all of which covered by a white sheet. If it wasn't so likely that they weren't there until tonight, Sweetie might have assumed that their only purpose was to keep the furnature from accumulating dust from an abandoned manor. The manor she would have sworn was abandon at least if she hadn't remembered what it looked like only hours ago.

"But... but I swore I heard it..." a mix of disappointment, worry and relief was in her voice. Nothing was here for the moment. As of now, all she could hear was rain pounding against the windows of the dining hall. Thunder was rolling outside along with it after the occasional flash of lightning. Sweetie looked out the window wondering when the storm was going to let up.


It was her mistake. She let her guard down for a total of 4 seconds. She lost her focus for three fatal seconds. By the time she realized she heard the laugh, before her body would even bother reacting (whether out of the fear or panic the filly knew at the time) it was too late.

From the side of Sweetie's eye, she saw something phase through the wall. To her horror, it was another ghost. Worse, this one looked different from the first one. It was smaller than the butler ghost and rather than being green it was a sickly yellow, and had a much larger mouth, yet for some reason she couldn't help but notice it's lack of teeth. Oppose to having a full set, it only had one. From what she could tell, the only real clothing it had was a bib. Sweetie also noticed it's laugh sounded a little younger, much like the sound of a young foals laughter, only much more high pitched and sadistic as though despite it's youth, it knew what kind of horror it was instilling into her.

At the moment Sweetie tried to point her flashlight at the pony, it opened its jaw wider than the filly thought possible and spat at her. In the second it flew through the air, Sweetie couldn't help but acknowledge it's resemblence to the thing that hit Scootaloo and caused them to crash. Only this slime wasn't green. Instead a sludgy yellow slime hit her causing her to drop the flashlight and fling her in the opposite direction of the monster. In fact, the sludge hit so hard, it threw her back against the opposite side of the dining hall, effectively sticking her to the wall.

"What the- No no no...!"

At first Sweetie was surprised that the impact hadn't broken something in her, though her back certainly felt ached. Though she realized that was the worst of her problems as Sweetie struggled to get free, only to find it was no use. The mucus like substance was too thick, the filly could barely move under it. Once again, Sweetie felt helpless against the ghost as it approached her ready to try and steal her spirit.

"This... was a bad idea..."

She should have stayed in the safe room with Twilight. She'd only been out here a few minutes and she was already staring death in the face. Sweetie knew she wouldn't be as lucky as before. Like Twilight said, no one was coming for them. Sweetie and her were the only ones who hadn't been "ghostified" or whatever the term was. It was determined. If Sweetie didn't figure out how to get out soon, it would be Twilight alone. And how much longer would she last alone? Rather the better question would be would her body give out before the ghosts had a stab at her.

She couldn't let such a thing happen. She wouldn't. She had to survive right now.

Sweetie thought as hard as she could. Was there anything Twilight said that could save her?

...but a vacuum, no, a normal magic cleaner could never trap spirit entities and magic like this...

Wait. Did that count things that came out of spirits as well? Were those spirit entities? Or magic? There was only one way to find out. Sweetie's hoof was already close to the button to activate the GCD. She held it, and effortlessly, the GCD slurped the yellow ectoplasm off of Sweetie's body. Sweetie fell to the wall onto the ground. She scrambled up to face the ghost. It knew she was free and that she would be after it now. She had to do something before that thing caught up to her. It was too late to run away now, she had to do something about this ghost.


O[has to get the flashlight. GET THE FLASHLIGHT]

O[has to gain an advantage. USE THE CAMERA]

Author's Note:

Note to self: Test ambient rain sounds for effect

Also /// == left off edits

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