• Published 19th Jan 2012
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Sweetie's Mansion - Moon Shooter

A My Little Pony/Luigi's Mansion Crossover

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Chapter 8- The Hunter Becomes the Hunted[REBOOT]

Nothing makes sense anymore...

The world moved around the filly unnaturally, shifting around her. Her body felt numb and stiff as she seemed to be falling through oblivion. Darkness shrouded the filly where she couldn't even see her own two hooves in front of her. It was one of the darkest world's she's been in since the forest.

"We have her." a voice said. It was distant, and Sweetie couldn't tell where it was. Her brain was processing slowly. She felt as though she'd heard these voices before, but it was all so blurry. Were they pony? Were they ghosts? Hard to tell when they echoed in her skull as they did. She couldn't think or process logic. All she could do was listen.

"Yes, Pinkie was the one who managed to lure her into the unicorn's mental field. And even better, we now have that device. Make sure it is disabled, just in case."

"Hey, are you sure she's not-"



There was a pause before another giggle.

"Okay! Well still, I can't believe AJ and Fluttershy even had a problem with her! She was super easy to deal with." a sigh. "I just sure wish I had a little more time to play with her though."

"Come now Pinkamina, you know very well we don't have the time to fool around at this point. We don't have time. Specter is preparing the Princesses to create the eclipse. Even if this little filly isn't a threat, we need as much focus as we can. She must be eliminated" the voice said coldly

"Okay, okay, I know. Kill the duck, and be done with it. Gotcha."


"Well Scoots is already the chicken, it's the closest bird I could think of!"

Echoed hoof-steps were heard trailing off.

"By the way, what has become of the possessed filly?" another voice asked.

"I think she's went down to the west basement of the mansion, around the kennel area. Celestia knows why."

"And the dragon?"

"The theater."

"And the orange filly. What about her?"

"Haven't found her yet." the voice sighed. "Though, I doubt she's even still alive. The last place she was spotted was outside, and the storm has reached its climax..."

"Very well. Keep an eye out for her however. Remember, we don't need any more ponies running around the mansion."

"Understood. Do you want your kid to finish off the elements in that safe zone? The ghosts can't seem to access it.

"No need. According to her report, those mares are trapped and useless. There's no point in going after them. Just focus on making sure everything is prepared once morning finally comes around. There's no way they can stop us now."

"♫Ain't no stopin' us now! We're on the mo-♫"


"Okay, okay! I'm going!"

Another giggle.

Sweetie fell faster and faster, her head spinning at the speed she was going. She knew the ground was getting closer every second, and it wouldn't be long before she finally hit reality again... if she was even fortunate enough to wake up to one.


Sweetie head hurt, and her body was sore. She was cold, but she was becoming accustomed to waking up like that by now. Sweetie's head was slowly but surely regaining its composure, that long as she attempted to get up. She shook her head and looked around. It was dark, but it not pitch black like that place she felt herself falling in. Sweetie looked around for the source of light, to find a pink glowing pony, sitting right next to her, smiling.

"Glad to see you finally woke up! I thought I killed you the way you landed on your head like that!" She chirped. Sweetie mumbled something in response, but neither pony was sure what it was. Sweetie was trying to say something, but her brain was still getting up to speed. Finally, she spoke again.

"W...where am I?" Sweetie asked.

Pinkie frowned. "Aw. No thank you? No 'Thanks Pinkie for saving my life! Want a big old hug'?"

Sweetie's memories started to clear up. "You... w-where is it? Where's my ghost catcher?" Sweetie felt along her back to find that it was in fact gone. But not just her GCD. Her saddlebags were also missing along with Applejack's hat.

"Oh, that old vacuum cleaner? I kind of threw it out. I didn't think you needed it anyway." Pinkie said.

"A-and my other stuff?" Sweetie asked.

She shrugged. "I dunno. I guess I lost that too!" then giggled again. "My bad!"

Sweetie gritted her teeth, though she knew she wouldn't get anywhere with Pinkie if she acted angry. That went for if she was dead or alive. With that, she took a breath and sighed. "What happened Pinkie. Please... tell me. Where am I?"

"Well, my big bad boss guy told me to kill you!" she said happily. "But that didn't sound fun now did it?"

Right. She did mention something about saving her life.

Sweetie honestly shook her head. She was thankful that she'd disobeyed her "boss's" order. Sweetie wasn't ready to die yet. Though there was no reason for her to smile. If she was alive, then it would be unlike Pinkie in any form to not have something planned for her. She always had something planned.

And in this case it would probably be something Sweetie wouldn't like.

"I thought so." Pinkie said. "I thought I'd give you a sporting chance when I decided to. I wasn't going to kill a little filly while she was sleeping."

"S-sporting chance?" Sweetie asked.

"Yeah! That's why I brought you down here! To play a game!" Pinkie said. "You wanna know the rules?"

Sweetie hesitated at first, but nodded. It wasn't as if she had a choice.

"Great!" She said happily. "Now, as you've probably noticed, you're in a cage."

"I-I am?" Sweetie said as she felt along the walls. Sure enough, It there were bars blocking the filly's reach to the pink party pony. The cage seemed like something from a zoo, made to hold animals.

"Anyway, there's only one rule." Pinkie said. "Stay alive. I think you lose if you die."

No, really? Sweetie thought.

"Yeah really."

"What? H-how did you know what I was thinking?" Sweetie asked.

"I read your thoughts!"

"What? How?"

"By reading the fanfic, duh." Pinkie said something as though it should have been obvious. "I have the unpublished password so I see every chapter before aaaaanyone else!"

"You read the what with the who now?"

Pinkie ignored the filly for the moment, Sweetie's flashlight out of nowhere. She turned it on and held it under her face.

"OOOOOOhhhhh. Spooky."

A taunt to show that Sweetie couldn't hurt Pinkie with light alone. Sweetie figured as much, but she still could't help but feel discouraged at the reality check.

The mare giggled as she set the flashlight on the ground, facing Sweetie, just out of her reach.

Double taunt.

"Now, I gotta run. Stuff to do! Fillies to hunt! Ponies to kill! You two have fun now."

You two? Sweetie thought as the mare faded into the blackness leaving no other light besides the flashlight.

Sweetie turned around to face some pony else in the darkness. She didn't glow like Pinkie, so she probably wasn't a ghost.


This wasn't a ghost, but Sweetie wasn't sure if she knew this pony either.

"Hey Sweetie." Applebloom said from the other side of the cage. The light emitted from the flashlight

"A-applebloom?" Sweetie asked. Sweetie approached the filly, every step she took giving her a worse feeling in her gut. "Where are we? What's going on?"

"Heh... ain'tcha worried about me?" Applebloom asked. "...'course not. Ya always were only concerned 'bout yahself. No wonder Rarity didn' love ya."

Sweetie stopped dead in her tracks. Was it the hit of what she'd just said to her psyche? Or was it the fact that Applebloom would never say something like that to her?

"A-applebloom? What's wrong?"

Because something definitely was wrong with her friend. She could see through her darkness that her normal orange eyes were gone. They were replaced with an oddly familiar tint of yellow.

"Why, there's nothin' wrong." Applebloom smiled. "Is there?"

And her voice. It was Apppebloom's, but the accent was just wrong. Forced. As though someone were making fun of the accent instead.

Applebloom finally made her own advance, but something in Sweetie convinced her to take a step back. Applebloom laughed at Sweetie's caution.

"What'cha doin'? Ya ain't scared?" Applebloom said.

It was now, Sweetie noticed a knife in the middle of the cage. A rusty carving knife. What was

--Kill her

Pinkie trying to

--She's not your friend.

make her

--Kill her


--Kill her

She didn't want her to...

--Kill her or she'll kill you.

O[She's not Sweetie's friend. GET THE KNIFE]

O[She's still Applebloom, Sweetie can't hurt her. HOLD BACK]

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