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This is a fanfic of the Fallout Equestria universe. It has been 23 years since the Last Day, when the once peaceful zebra empire and the kingdom of Equestria exchanged megaspells in their mutually assured destruction. Stable 68 Security Chief Flag is forced to leave his secure underground home in its defense. But when he emerges into the irradiated lifeless Wasteland, Flag finds that he has become a critical part of the beginnings of a new war between his world and the stars. The oncoming storm is feeding off the physical, military and political fallout of the Great War and Flag's struggles to accept his lineage, his belief in a divine power in a hellish world, and the origins of alicorns. While the forces of a conflict that would horrifically outshine the Great War marshal in the stars, Flag comes to realize the greater threat has been living in Equestria for eons... and that only he can stop them both.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 9 )

23 years? So this takes place more than 200 years before FOE?

1877922 It takes place about 175 years before Fallout: Equestria. My character, Flag, is going to change the world on a scale similar to LittlePip, but I don't want to trample on/ignore other fanfics or the original story. The only logical way to do that is to put Flag into the world soon after the Last Day, so that by the time LittlePip leaves Stable 2, everypony just remembers the Wasteland in the state Flag leaves it in. Everypony assumes that's how it always was, so they don't care to find out if it was ever any other way or why it changed.
I think I have a story worth telling here. Hopefully you'll agree.

Hey, it's seems you want to write epic story? :pinkiegasp: Nice! Gonna read it as soon as I fuckin can. :twilightsmile:

1965348 Thanks, man. And, yes, I plan for this to be epic... and AWESOME!:rainbowdetermined2:

Oh my Apple Bumpkin what an unfortunate name :trollestia:. Haha. Anyways good chapter again liked it. :yay:

Haha, ayep, good chapter! Fun characters. Messy plot. Everything is alright. :twilightsmile:

Well, I like it. But I think common idea of 'unicorn saw horn to wear pa' are stupid as fuck. Dunno who did it in a first place, but he must be retard.

2994246 The original Fallout Equestria did it. Cottage Cheese had sawed off his horn. This Cheese is Cottage's ancestor.

Lyra? Heh.. What a super duper epic plot we have here? :pinkiecrazy: Good chapter. :twilightsmile:

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