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Why did the CMC forgive Babs Seed so quickly? She's just a bully right? A quick one-shot creating a backstory for this mean, heartless beast that obviously didn't deserve their friendship...right?

Author Notes: Set during Bab's train ride from Manehattan, right before she arrives in Ponyville.

Thanks to SlushieOwl for letting me use her awesome picture located here: http://slushiowl.deviantart.com/#/d5m4732

Also, my first story ever, constructive criticism would be awesome!

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First things first; it's been a day fimfiction, and still no Babs Seed character choice? Fimfiction wat r u doin?

After the episode I heard how many bronies were complaining about why the CMC forgave Babs so quickly and said she deserved to be pushed off the cliff, so I made this to maybe help explain why. Don't be so quick to judge. Love and Tolerate, everypony... :ajsmug:

I think it is fitting that the CMC forgave so quickly, as they represent the 'nicest' of the fillies of Ponyville. That doesn't mean I think Babs deserves a happy ending though.

A follow-up of making amends would be preferred, but I doubt it would actually happen. As it stands right now the episode is forcing an unnatural reaction to bullying down your throat.

After all, if you don't carry out justice, it just leads to repeat offences. Just look at Trixie. :facehoof:

And I'll get around to reading this later. :twilightblush:

This seems interesting, definitely a favourite for it! :moustache:
Hope to see more chapters :3 :pinkiehappy:


Hm... a pal of.mine had his own thoughts to her not getting punished. He said to leave it up to the parents, whom he believes are the Oranges, since she is from Manehatten.

1686700 We have no way of knowing right now whether Trixie is herself when she returns, for all we know that leaked image of her wearing a red necklace could indicate someone has taken control of her and is giving her magic a boost. :applejackunsure:

I do think in the end it might have been nice if Applejack had said something to Babs and the CMC about how both of their actions were wrong and that what's important is that they learned not to do them again. At least that way it wouldn't seem like Babs got let off the hook. :eeyup:

Not surprisingly I thought "One Bad Apple" was the first episode of Season 3 that could use some work, it's mostly fine how it is but there were some things that could have been done differently. :duck: (one of which would have been having Babs Seed turn on Diamond Tiara as well as leaving Silver Spoon out of the story)

I like to go with the idea of "killing her with kindness" the idea that the nice actions of the CMC had more of a profound impact then any punishment could do.

Thanks a lot :) it's really appreciated! But sorry it's probably going to stay a one-shot. :/

Yeah, but it doesn't seem like, at least not from "Cutie Mark Chronicles" that the Oranges are very caring parents and would more then likely ignore the problem.

Although I do like the idea of AJ scolding her, I feel that because AJ didn't experience Babs bullying first hand, her punishing Babs couldn't have the impact that the CMC's forgiveness had.


Never know. They welcomed Applejack in the first place, and they didn't protest her decision to leave... and whomever Babs' parents were had to give her some bits for the train ride.


Yeah but they tried to change who she was. I do believe that accepting her int their home was big of the, but when they tried to change her, it seemed like they cared more about their image then they did AJ's feelings. So if they are Babs parents, that might also be the case. :fluttershysad:


Think about what most adults know about social life. To them, 'fitting in' is the way to go. They might not see helping AJ fit in as cruelty or preservation of their image, but rather as the proper course of action.

You don't know how people will react to you, if you're afraid of not fitting in, you tend towards easygoing. The same applies to your children or surrogate children - you teach them to fit in.

All of this is against my personal philosophy, but that's how I interpret it. :twilightsheepish:


Convenient comic that I feel explains my idea on the orange's as parents:


And yea, I get what you're saying, it's all a matter of perspective...

Poor Babs. :applecry: I think her parents are probably Oranges, and probably too busy or wrapped up in high-class society to give her the attention she needs. (I suspect Diamond Tiara's parents are the same way.)

Great fic though! :scootangel:

1729265 Thanks! :pinkiehappy: and yea I thought about the Orange's as her parents, But I thought that the color scheme was just too off :/ but then again pinkie's parents were grey and brown, so anything's possible :rainbowderp:

>> Broffalo

True that...but then again, Pinkie Pie can accidentially all the laws of physics, so who knows? :pinkiegasp:

Also, could you happen to link the source for your avatar? Babs looks like a BAMF. :raritystarry:

>> Broffalo

Thanks so much!! :yay:

Fantastic story. Love to see you right some more.:twilightsmile:

WOW!! i don't know why but I love it!!!

well, i can relate to that, I feel like this deserved a slice of life tag so that i can click it immediately

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