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Monster Hunter: Equestria Unite - SkyShrieker

A man born of dragons will rise up to save the innocent and in turn, becomes a legend.

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Knowledge is power and power slays monsters

Swift Talon circled Stag haven from the safety of the sky. Her powerful eye's picked out the occasional velociprey moving through the trees and buildings. She clicked her beak in concern and headed back to the mine to report what she had seen. Quietly touching down, she snuck in through the barricade and ran down the tunnel. She emerged into the main chamber and joined Kor and Howl. "Welcome back, I am glad to see you are safe. What did you see?", Kor asked. Swift set her shield down and took a seat on an over turned barrel. "The small ones tend to hide in the buildings and in the tree's while the bigger ones stay in the deeper part of the forest. To me, it seems like they are getting ready for something." "What makes you think that?", Kor asked.

"I have hunted enough small game to know whenever an animal can sense a predator. However, I know nothing of these animals so I may be wrong." The three fell into contemplative silence for a short time before howl spoke up. "Kor, tell us about these monsters. You seem to know much about them." Swift Talon perked up at this. "Yes, I would also like to know about you and where you came from as well as about the monsters.", she said with more than a hint of curiosity. Kor nodded and pulled his thoughts together before starting.

"Well, I was born to a race known as Wyverians. It is said that we were descended from the original Wyverns and Elder dragons. Wyverns, if you don't know, are like dragons with a few exceptions. Firstly, wyverns only have two legs and usually only grow to be about sixteen feet at most though some are known to get bigger. Wyverns are also unable to use sustained flame attacks but are able to expel fire balls. These are usually made up of a type of mucus that is produced in a special area in their throats and mixed with a volatile substance produced in sacs under their stomachs. The mucus is used to produce a spherical shape and the flame substance ignites when it hits the air. Dragons on the other hand have four legs can grow up to eighty feet in height and, in the case of one from my homeland, about one hundred to one hundred fifty feet in length "

Howl and Swift Talon both shivered at the thought of such a beast. Kor noticed and chuckled at them. "Don't worry, that Elder dragon usually ignores anything smaller than it self and it's main diet consists of rocks and minerals from mountains or mines. Back to the wyverns though, their are many different species each with it's own habits and abilities. Their is one in particular that has ended many a hunter's career. It is known as the Diablos. It has two massive horns that it uses, along with the claws on the tips of it's wings to burrow under ground and then surprise it's prey from below. If that doesn't work it has a tail with two massive bones the end that they use as a hammer...and it can be very VERY painful to be hit by." Here Kor paused to rub his chest and soothe the phantom pain that rose up.

"However, what we are dealing with are known as the Hunter's Bane. Velociprey are one of three different types of wyvern in the same species. They are pack hunters that use hit and run tactics or overwhelming numbers to take down their prey. Normally they are not very hard to deal with because they very rarely form up large packs unless a Velocidrome is near. No one back home is sure why these larger, smarter versions of the velociprey come about but for now it doesn't matter. What does matter though, is that the velocidrome has the ability to form a pack of up to twenty on it's own and can give out orders that the smaller ones follow."

Kor paused once again and rubbed his chin in thought. "I have never seen, or even heard of multiple drome's banding together for...well anything really. So you may be right in your assumption Swift Talon." Kor leaned back against a crate he had been using as a support and looked to Howl who had been sitting cross legged in the dirt. "Let's put this discussion in the back for now. Right now we need to figure out a plan of attack to get rid of the monsters. As you two have experienced, these guys are hard to kill when in a pack, doubly so when headed by a drome. This situation however has three of them which increases the danger by quite a bit." "What do you suggest?", Howl asked, "You are the one with the most experience of us all."

"Well, we already have the tunnel entrance trapped in case they try to come back so that should bag us at least a few of the beast's... But I think our best bet is going to be hit and run tactics, take a few of the smaller one's out and the big one's are sure to show up. Kill the big one, hunt carve and repeat until they are all gone. As for the finer detail's, I want Swift to attack from the sky while I hit the ground. Howl, I want you up in the houses ready to bring the pain with your hammer. When I signal you, drop down from the rooftops and flatten as many as you can. If all goes well we should be done in an hour, two tops." Kor stood up, grabbed his sword, and strapped it to his back. Howl followed his example while Swift hopped up and stretched before following the other two once they were ready.

The trio met up with Pan who stood near the entrance to the main tunnel that lead out of the mine. "Ah, Korlan, I have news.", Pan said once the three were in front of him. "Three of the beast's tried to enter the mine and have been taken care of by the traps. While it may not be a lot at least it will make your job easier. Also, we have prepared the three of you a healing salve in case of injury." Pan bent his head down and picked up a large metal tin and offered it to Kor who accepted it with a bow. "Thank you Pan, we are heading out to deal with your problem and should be back shortly." The Elk chief nodded his head and stepped aside. "Good luck you three and may the gods be with you."


Stepping out into the sunlight, the trio of hunters split up, each one taking his or her spot in the town. Kor's foot steps echoed throughout the impromptu graveyard instilling a slight nervousness in him. A shadow passed over the young wyverian from above. He looked up to catch a glimpse of his diamond dog companion moving across the rooftops. "Alright, now to gain their attention", Kor muttered. He cupped his hands around his man and let out three loud shrieks that echoed off of the wooden buildings and into the surrounding forest. The noise died down and Kor pulled his sword out and got ready.

Seconds slowly ticked by before- ~AAAAHHHHRRRR~! Kor spun around while throwing himself to the ground, bringing his great sword around in a 360 degree arc. The blade connected with scale and flesh, cleaving the body in two and sending both parts in opposite directions. Two more velociprey sprang out from the shadowed alleyways closest two him. Korlan rolled into a standing position with his blade held flat side out. When the two bodies collided with the blade he was forced back and almost lost his blade. "NOW!" Howl leaped from the roof he was standing on with his hammer held over his head.

He fell to earth with a loud thud and crunching sound, announcing that his surprise attack had been success. "Great job, now move!" Kor picked his sword up and took off in a random direction. The sound of his boots and armor echoed around him as he ran, drawing in more of the small bird wyverns. With a war cry Korlan brought his blad in an upward swing, bisecting one that tried to take him from the front. Before he could lose any more energy he spun around and swung the blade in a 180 degree spin. The velociprey he had hoped to hit dodged out of the way and charged forward.

Before it could reach though, it was dispatched by Swift who dive bombed the monster and decapitated it before returning to the sky. Korlan resumed running and was soon chased after by another three velociprey. He ignored the trio for the moment, choosing to instead lead them on a short chase. ~KAHREEEEEEE KAHREEEEE~! A very large very heavy body slammed into Kor from his left and threw him to the ground. He roled and came up on one knee with his blade held in front of him. Standing before him in was one of the three velocidrome with it's clawes and teeth ready toi tear him apart.

"HHHAAAARRROOOOOOO!!!!!" Howl's battle cry echoed throughout the village as he fell to earth with his hammer held high. HIs attack was interrupted as the second drome exploded out of a nearby house and collided with him. The pair was sent to the ground in a pile of teeth and claws with each one trying to rip out the other's throat. The first drome charge Kor with a loud shriek and smashed into his sword, the force of which threw Korlan backwards onto his ass and sent his blade spinning away into a nearby alley.

Kor quickly pulled out his carving blade and held it in a reverse grip in his right hand while he held his left in front of him. The drome charged again, intent on shredding the annoying little two legged creature. When it drew close enough Kor's left hand shot out and grabbed hold of it's throat. He then threw his body up and around while using his left hand to keep himself secured to the monster. He swung over it's back while simultaneously wrapping his arm around it's neck and, when he reached the other side, dragged it to the ground in a head lock. With a shout he raised his right hand up and brought the knife down on it's skull with a loud cracking sound, killing it instantly.

His victory was short lived however and he was forced to throw himself forward when the three velociprey from earlier attacked at once. Up above Swift Talon pulled her sword out and folded her wings against her body. She fell through the air, picking up speed as she went. As she neared the ground she opened her wings up and performed a barrel roll. Her sword flashed in the sunlight and she pulled up, leaving behind three corpses. Circling around she landed next to Kor and extended a talon which he took. With a pull he was up on his feet and running to the alley where his sword was.

Meanwhile, Howl and the velocidrome rolled through the dirt, clawing and biting at each other. Howl let out a yelp of pain when the drome bit down on his left leg. In return he sunk his three inch teeth into the dromes right arm and shook his head back and forth quickly. A sickening pop and scream of pain told him he had dislocated and possibly broke the arm. He quickly lashed out with his free leg and made contact with the bneasts head. He repeated this twice more before rolling on top of the stunned monster and bringing his powerful it's throat. Howl felt the dromes wind pipe give way but held on regardless until the monster's struggling became weaker and then stopped.

The sounds of the fight quickly gave way to silence once the second drome was finished off. The trio of hunter's regrouped inside a nearby house and barricaded the door. "Are you two alright?", Swift asked her comrades. Kor was bent over with a hand on his ribs and. was taking quick shallow breaths while Howl licked his wounded leg. "-wheeze- Y-yeah, just...some bru -cough- bruising.", the wyverian grunted. Howl simply let out a growl without looking up from his leg. Kor pulled out the tin of salve and tossed it to howl who caught it and began to apply it. "Well, I have to say....that was by... far the most....exciting drome hunt...I've been on...Thanks Howl.", Kor said and accepted the tin from Howl. He removef the lid and his cuirass before gently applying the substance to his bruised ribs. A sigh of relief escaped him once the pain faded and his breathing returned to normal.

"It isn't over yet, their is still one left that we have to take care of.", Swift reminded them while she checked her sword for any nicks or cracks it may have received. "True, we strike hard strike fast then report to the Alpha and upgrade our weapons.", howl stated while grabbing his Iron Lump. Kor nodded in agreement and picked up his Iron Great Sword. He stood headed towards the front door and opened it just a crack so he could look outside. Aside from the corpse of the recently slain all was quiet and nothing moved. "Alright get ready to-!" The third velociprey came fling through a nearby house, smashing the walls into splinters and rolling across the ground before laying still.

A shadow passed over the town and disappeared to the east. "What in the name of Stone Beak was that?!", Swift yelped. Kor shrugged and slowly stepped out of the house with his blade drawn. Je quietly made his way over to the cooling corpse and took a knee. The body had several puncture marks that were around three inches in diameter along it's side and it's head flopped around when lifted, indicating a broken neck. Howl and Swift made their way to the pair while keeping an eye out on the sky for safety. "Well, I can safely say that whatever killed it didn't come from my home so...Mission Accomplished."

Author's Note:

Sorry it took so long to get this chapter up. I recently lost my Lappy so I'm having to go to my grandmum's to type things up. But better late than never I suppose. Next time, Weapon upgrades, new armor, and the team is completed with it's fourth member. Catch you guy's later.

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