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Monster Hunter: Equestria Unite - SkyShrieker

A man born of dragons will rise up to save the innocent and in turn, becomes a legend.

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Five Headed Death Serpent (Edited)


Korlan slowly opened his eyes and groaned. Pain assaulted his entire body along with a pressure that was building in his head. His eyes slowly peeled open and gave him the answer as to why he was hurting. Rather than up being up and down being down, the world had inverted with the sky being below and earth being above. Needless to say this was a symptom of being upside down or, or more specifically, being suspended from a tree by ones legs. Letting out another groan he slowly started swing his body back and forward to build up momentum. When he was satisfied, Korlan threw himself backwards, using his weight and momentum to dislodge himself from the large tree branch he was hanging from. He plummeted to the ground, connecting with a squishy splat.

"Ugh, I landed in a bog...again.", Korlan complained to no one. He picked himself up and gasped in shock at the sight of him standing there wearing only his Kokoto coat, a thin green vest with matching shorts and foot wraps, and weaponless. 'My gear!', he frantically thought while looking around quickly,'Oh nononono, this can't be happening!' Korlan dropped to his knees to search through the murky water in hopes of finding his equipment. Needless to say that he did not find his precious equipment, but he did find his carving knife.

The blade was twelve inches in length with a rounded tip to avoid puncturing a monsters internal organs when harvesting materials. A sigh escaped his lips at the thought of having some kind of weapon even if it was small. After tucking the blade into his belt, Korlan began his trek through the murky, knee high waters. As he walked, he took in his surroundings with the mentality of Monster Hunter. "Hmm, item gathering spots... That looks like a good spot for a camp site... Oh lookie a game trail.", he mumbled as he walked.

Several minutes went by before the ground started to become more compact and easier to move over. "Well would you look at that." Standing in a small clearing on a patch of dry land and eating away at the grass was Korlan's aptanoth. Once in the animal's sight though it quit eating and happily lumbered to it's master. "Well, it's nice to see you too.", the hunter said while petting the herbivorous monster. He soon stopped and walked around his beast in hopes that any of his gear would be left. It turned out that there in fact was. He hurriedly took the saddle bags off and rummaged through them, crying out happily when he produced both his belt bag, and a five foot long claymore in a Rathalos scale sheath.

The blade was only six inches in width and had rust in various places on the metal but it was still sharp. "Thank goodness for small miracles.", he sighed while putting the blade across his back. "Alright! It is not much but it's something. Now where in the name of the Fatalis am I?" Finally taking the time to take in his new surroundings he noticed that things were...very wrong. The colour of this world was extremely different from his, being brighter with a more distinct variation than the blending of his world. Even weirder was that the trees off in the distance were perceived as smudges rather than a defined shape.

"Well buddy", he spoke to the aptanoth, "I do not know many things outside of hunting, but one thing I am certain about is that we are no longer home." He received a low rumbling of agreement. "The first thing we need to do is find a way out of this bog, then to a nearby settlement. Hopefully there will be someone that can tell me where I am?" Lost in his thoughts, Korlan did not notice the massive five headed beast slowly raising up out of the water until it roared.

(Song: MHFO - HR 100 Swamp Theme - Extended)

(As a reference, the hydra's heads will be numbered left to right starting with 1)

Instinct kicked in, prompting him to dodge out of the way of a huge triangular head that smashed into the dirt. This was followed by two heads coming at him like a scorpion's pincers. Korlan back flipped out of the way just before the two heads smashed into each other with an echoing crack. Dazed by the blow the two heads fell to the ground, leaving themselves defense. Korlan dashed forward and unsheathed his blade in a mighty over hand swing aimed at the third head. The long sword cut through the scales with a little bit of difficulty but pierced through none the less.

The hydra roared in pain and confusion only to bull rush the smaller being. Korlan easily rolled out of the way and used his momentum to get back up before charging. Upon reaching the monster he let loose a flurry of quick sword strikes, slicing through the beasts side in a spray of hot blood. The hydra roared in pain again and lashed out with its tail. Korlan let out a grunt of pain as he was flung away by the large muscled appendage. He sailed through the air and landed with a squishy thump.

"Okay", he growled while picking himself up, "I need to get smarter about this...Ah, that will work." He sheathed his sword and turned tail to a cliff with a wrap around path leading to a group of stone columns and going into a panicked run when the hydra followed. When he got close enough to the columns he reached into his belt bag and produced a flash bomb. With a twist and flick, he tossed the bottle up into the air where it exploded in a blinding flash of light. The satisfying sound of a pained roar echoed throughout the bog and surrounding forest, sending what was left of the local fauna running for safety.

Knowing he only had a matter of seconds, Korlan jumped at the cliff face and began to climb his way up. He quickly reached the top and leaned against the cliff wall to catch his breath, wrong move. By now the hydra could see again, and all it saw was red. It let out five VERY angry roars before burying it's heads in the water. Large bulges could be seen running as each head drank deeply from the water. They rose up out the murky depths and each head took in a breath. "Oh come on!" Five intense streams of water came flying towards the unlucky hunter. He leaped away to the side but took a glancing hit across the side.

Blood sprayed out from the cut accompanied by a loud, pained yell. Korlan reached into his bag and pulled out a bottle of green liquid. He pulled the cork off and downed the thick substance, making sure to get eery drop while he could. The cut quickly healed it self leaving nothing but untouched skin. During this short few seconds, the hydra had charged forward and snapped at it's prey in hopes of killing it quickly. This proved to be both futile AND very stupid. Korlan dove forward into a roll under the first head, and jumped into a dive over the wounded third head. The fourth and second heads rushed forward attempting to smash the little pest with about the same luck as the other two. The fifth head though was smarter than the rest an launched forward with an open maw. A set of jaws snapped shut and a large bulge slowly moved down the beast's throat.

Satisfied the hydra slowly tromped through the water of the bog it called home. As the hydra lowered it's body into the mud, a sensation it hadn't felt before stopped it. The first and second head looked over at the fifth who was trembling slightly. The third and fourth looked at the bulge that, to their surprise, had stopped it's decent into doom. Now, it was quaking and moving, then thrashing and turning until...


Not too far away from Froggy Bottom Bog and about ten minutes earlier.

A lone Diamond Dog trudged through the muddy waters of Froggy Bottom bog at an almost snail like pace. He stood at six foot five with a grey black color coat and was wrapped in a tattered brown cloak. The cloak did little good to hide him as his muscular physique made him into a mountain of a dog. Slung across his back was a large cylindrical lump of iron attached to a dragon femur that served as a war hammer. The dog, or Howl as he was known to his ex pack, stopped for a rest on a blessedly dry patch of ground when the roars broke the white noise of insects and water. "Sounds like the Death Serpent," Howl grunted in a deep gravely voice. "It must have found some poor Sting Cat too feast upon this day."

That theory was chucked out the window with the finesse of a plastered person wearing beer goggles when a yell of pain soon followed. Howl's eyes narrowed in determination as he took off, his heavily muscled legs propelling him through the murky water and muddy ground. Within minutes he burst into a clearing the hydra called home just in time to watch the beast's fifth head fall with a loud splash and a smaller figure with the same basic shape of a diamond dog fall from it's throat with an audible splash. Howl threw off his cloak and drew his hammer in one fluid motion before charging into battle.


(Song: MHFO - HR 100 Swamp Theme - Extended)

Korlan exploded from the beast's throat in a spinning motion, removing the entire neck of the beast's fifth head. The now dead appendage fell into the water where it lay motionless. The remaining heads screeched in pain and flailed around while the body retreated. Korlan picked himself up out of the water, Rusty Claymore in hand. He gagged and spat a glob of monster blood into the water. A shadow passed over him followed shortly by a roar of pain. His head shot up in time to see a hugely muscled biped wielding a large Hunting Hammer smash the weapon into the hydra's chest. Howl back flipped away from a rogue swipe, landing next to Korlan in a crouch with his hammer held at the ready.

Howl looked to his left at Kor but, rather than being startled, simply nodded at him. Kor hesitated but nodded back and hefted his blade. The hydra, having regained some of its senses let out a harmonious roar of rage that promised a very painful death. It brought it's fore legs up to it's body before kicking forward in a pounce. Howl and Kor rolled out of the way as the hydra landed in the water with a tidal wave of brown water that soaked the two. Howl leaped forward with his hammer held high above him and brought it crashing down with a loud slapping sound wit a snapping undertone. Kor followed up with a spinning aerial slash, slicing open the Hydra's side with a spray of blood. Four sets of yellow eyes turned red in rage followed by four roars and a shock wave that blew the water away from the hydra. Kor and Howl almost dropped their weapons as they clapped their hands over their ears. The din died down only to be replaced by splashing and thumping. Korlan looked up just in time to see a wall of muscle and brown scales crash into him with enough force to launch the poor wyverian through the air and into dry land with a loud thump and snap. He leaned forward out of the indentation and pitched over, landing on his back and unconscious.

Howl raised his hammer and charged forward, letting loose his name sake in fury. The Iron Lump descended heavily onto the hydra with less effect than before, earning Howl a large paw to the chest. He flew threw through the air, skipped across the water and landed in the muck with his vision spinning. His vision cleared up in seconds and, upon noticing his hammer was gone, began to frantically search the water. His fear was unfounded however, fore the Hydra's adrenaline had begun to wear off already, bringing only pain with it. Defeated the four headed serpent limped away to the safety of the deeper water and sank below the brown surface with just a ripple.

Howl's hand finally grasped the Iron Lump's handle and he pulled it from the muck with a loud "SQUELCH". He tooka ready stance, legs slightly apart with the hammer held inverted so the head was pointing back. He waited for a minute, then two, then five. Satisfied that he was relatively safe, Howl slowly trudged to the strange creature and looked it over. Korlan's front and back had already begun to heavily bruise, turning a sickly purple with a hint of yellow around the edges. His breathing was coming in ragged gasps, indicating internal injury. In short, he didn't look good, especially if the sunken and protruding skin around his ribs said anything.

"Where to take it though? The pack has cast me out and he may die soon...", Howl grunted to himself in thought. One idea popped into his head. It was a long shot by far, but it was the only plan he had to work with. Carefully so as not to cause further harm, Howl lifted Korlan into his arms after replacing his hammer, and set off to a small castle that rested on mountain in the distance.


A/N: Alright, y'all have just had a taste of what is to come with the hydra. I hope everypony enjoyed it and can't wait to continue writing.

Weapons featured so far:

Master Blaze
Rusty Claymore

Armour Featured so far:

Death Stench S

Original Weapons-

Iron Lump: A cylindrical lump of iron attached to a dragon bone handle 3 1/2 feet in length.