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Monster Hunter: Equestria Unite - SkyShrieker

A man born of dragons will rise up to save the innocent and in turn, becomes a legend.

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A Wonky Hole (chapter one Edited)

Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony Friendship is Magic nor do I own Monster hunter or anything it comes with.
A/N: Hello everypony! This is Sky Shrieker bringing you my first FiM Fiction (First fanfiction ever actually) so please be gentle with your reviews. I will accept CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ONLY! Now, I would like to apologize for any grammatical, spelling, and/or punctuation errors. (I slept through 85% of literally every English class from 1st-12th) so anyways, sit back, get a Well Done Kelbi steak or whatever and enjoy!

P.s ________means a scene change and )0( means a time skip.
We swear to uphold the laws of hunting, never killing more than needed and making use of what we slay...

(Song: Jungle Battle! from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite)

An ear shattering roar echoed throughout the dense jungles quickly followed by the sounds of trees being toppled by something massive moving through the dense foliage. A man burst into a clearing, running for his very life from what followed him. Seconds later a very large, very pissed off Rathian mother exploded out from the trees, wings open in rage and fire leaking from it's mouth. The fleeing man was dressed in a combination of bone and cloth that made up his Death Stench S armor. On his back was a massive five foot long, three foot wide Great Sword with a claw like tip. Korlan, the young man, reached into his pouch that was secured to his belt, and produced a glass bottle filled with several large glowing bugs.

He placed his hand on top of the bottle and twisted before tossing it up onto the air. A mechanism popped the top off three seconds later, introducing oxygen to the poor little bugs that were sitting on a pile of what looked like dirt. The compound exploded when the oxygen touched it, killing the insects and releasing a blinding flash of light. The Rathian roared in pain as her vision was replaced with a multitude of flashing lights that prevented her from seeing her prey. She was also unable to see the dead tree that lay in her path before it was too late. The ground quaked as the Sky Queen tripped and slammed into the ground with enough force to shatter every bone in the human body thrice over.

When she had fallen, the hunter pulled his Master blaze off his back and pulled a lever on the handle. Five ten inch long razor sharp teeth flicked outward to join the one on top. With both hands he raised the sword over his head and brought it down on the Rathian's neck before pulling the blade towards him. Metal teeth ripped through muscle, bone, and hardened scales that kept the head connected to the wyverns body with a spray of blood. A dull thump announced the successful beheading as did the giant green head that rolled across the ground before coming to a stop.

The hunter pulled his blades teeth back in and placed it on his back. Kneeling on one knee he offered a silent prayer to the Queen of the Skies in apology for hat he had done. When he finished he stood again and removed his his hood wit a sigh. 'Love the armor enhancements and all, but this thing reeks of...well death.' The young man had distinctly pointed ears and a pair of stunningly bright sky blue slitted eyes. His fire colored hair was cut and styled like a Rathalos' head as was custom for his people (look up Rathalayers). Korlan, or Right Talon, pulled out his twelve inch long hunting knife and climbed on top of the corpse. He got to work cutting the left wing off to gain unimpeded access to the belly and, once removed, got to work on carving up his kill.

His efforts were reward with several large scales and even a..."By the Fatalis, TWO RUBIES!" The young hunter leaped up screaming with joy at his monumental find. The two "rubies" were actually pieces of the wyvern that had hardened due to calcium build up to form green, fist sized, gem like objects that were beyond useful. Korlan happily placed the wyvern gems into his bag and headed back to his campsite.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna stared in awe at the massive tear in time and space. The Forty foot tall space before them looked as if somepony had taken hold of the very space it occupied and ripped it oen. The flaps of Equestria's reality flapped around furiously as if agitated by a very powerful wind that neither sister could feel. Between the reality lay something previously not seen by anyone in over three eternities. The space beyond was white and uninhabited by anything save for a seemingly endless amount of black holes. Each hole appeared, from one angle, to be flat as if it were a part of the endless white background; while when viewed from another angle they became black orbs that occupied...space in the white beyond. When viewed as orbs, the two sisters noticed that each hole would spit out an object that would float up to another hole and vanish into it's depths.

While captivated by the beyond, the two did not notice something stirring until it was nearly too late. A massive form of blackness opened it's one dodecahedron eye and stared up at the possible escape that had presented itself. The negative energy, black magic infused horror threw it's hand up and grabbed onto the section of open reality and began to slowly pull forward. Shocked out of their observing, the two sisters were struck by a horrible oppressive feeling that seemed to be tainting their very beings washed over them. Luna fell to the ground screaming in terror, a terror only reserved for her worst nightmares. Celestia on the other hoof who took in energy from the sun, used it's power to burn away the taint and save herself. Having cleansed herself, she flared her wings and absorbed as much sunlight as she could before firing it out of her horn and burning the hole closed.

Celestia was instantly at her sisters side and in a flash of gold, whisked her away to the palace in Everjoy. The light faded and silenced reigned over the area once again. The animals though did not return to what used to be their home as their survival instincts would not allow it. When the sun sank not a sign of life could be found in the area, however something did move. Three fingers made of magically animated dark matter negativity came to life and slowly slithered off in three different directions, each one being called to by a certain being.

Korlan sat atop his pack aptanoth on his way home. The great herbivore stood at nine feet tall with a flat horn that curved back from the creatures head, while it's tail ended with four blade like bones that it used to defend it self with. The creature lumbered down a widely used hunter trail towards the guild hall when it stopped. It's ears perked up slightly indicating that it had heard something out of the ordinary. Korlan reached behind him and placed a hand upon his sword in anticipation of an attack. An eternity seemed to passed by in the span of sixty seconds as the hunter waited for an ambush of some type, only to relax when the aptanoth started moving again. He sighed with relief but did not remove his hand from the hilt of his massive blade.


Korlan rested against his pack aptanoth's side after setting up camp and a few EWS's (Early Warning System) on the off chance that a hungry velociprey got to close. Even with this peace of mind, he couldn't get to sleep because his mount was making low grunting sounds of discontentthat echoed throughout the unusually quiet forest. Growing uneasy, Korlan stood up and pulled his Death Stench armor back on. A familiar surge of power rushed through his body as the armor's magical properties, as well as a few decorations, took effect. The silence continued though, sending unease and a mild bit of panic into Kor's heart. When it became to much to bear he got his mount up and attempted to walk it out of the forest.

He did not get far though. While Celestia had sealed up the hole in her universe, she was unable to seal the others that opened in various other universes in. As such, Korlan stepped right through one of the ones in his own reality and fell into the beyond. Sense of self, weight, and time left the two beings as they hurtled and yet crept towards one of the looming disk/orbs. A force like nothing that could be described crushed the tow down to an impossibly thin tube and sucked them through a distance both unfathomably long and yet so short at the same time. The two were spat out completely reformed and unharmed on the other side in an unfamiliar night sky

1005 after the banishment of Princess Luna

Two bright lights plummeted through the skies of Equestria towards Froggy Bottom Bog. Two explosions shattered the peacefulness of the night and sent many animals fleeing from their homes. Silence took over again soon after though and peace was restored. At least until the sun rose.

Author's Note:

To avoid confusion the Negative energy that made up the Horror is actually negative emotions like Hatred, Greed, Rage etc.