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I'm an Australian brony who likes reading stories about magical talking horses. Deal with it. Oh yeah, and sometimes I write stuff, too.


In almost every universe, there are a group of individuals known as Reapers. Elite Warriors, heroes and the bane of civilisation are a few of the things people have called them. But, perhaps their redeeming feature is their honour and comradery. If one falls, all of his brethren shall rise to avenge him. So how does a universe lose all but one? On Earth, the planet is gradually being consumed by Equestria, humans forced to convert, or die. Desperate, the last Reaper crossed the dimensions to a different Equestria, seeking help from the only Equine Reaper Corps in existence.
Celestia, seeing her universe's Reapers number only six, summons four humans from the Twelth Reaper Corps; renowned for their daring and sense of humour; to assist. But what horrors truly lay at their destination, none could have guessed...

(TCB Halloween event fic. Spoilers in-story for anyone who really thinks about it.)

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Comments ( 5 )

Here ya go one like. Hope that helps.:pinkiehappy:

1546209 Thanks.:twilightsmile: The Reapers have been begging me to publicise one of their files for months, now. I figured this one was fitting, because it sounds the most BS and Halloween-ish out of all of them.

Ok cool i guess???:derpytongue2: But any way still good story in my opinion.:pinkiehappy:

Yeah, just saying the link didn't match up with the lyrics you wrote into the story.

1572018 Yeah, that's because I couldn't find the version I used while writing it.

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