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I'm an Australian brony who likes reading stories about magical talking horses. Deal with it. Oh yeah, and sometimes I write stuff, too.

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A thousand years ago, the legends tell of a battle between the princesses of Sun and Moon. These tales are true, but fail to speak of the vast armies that were also vying for the upper hoof in that war. This is the account of one such army.

Based on the poem Dulce et Decorum est by Wilfred Owen. Written as an English assignment to prove I can both write ponies and do schoolwork. Apologies applied liberally to all who have any respect for true Art, whom I may have offended. Feedback and/or flaming appreciated.

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In almost every universe, there are a group of individuals known as Reapers. Elite Warriors, heroes and the bane of civilisation are a few of the things people have called them. But, perhaps their redeeming feature is their honour and comradery. If one falls, all of his brethren shall rise to avenge him. So how does a universe lose all but one? On Earth, the planet is gradually being consumed by Equestria, humans forced to convert, or die. Desperate, the last Reaper crossed the dimensions to a different Equestria, seeking help from the only Equine Reaper Corps in existence.
Celestia, seeing her universe's Reapers number only six, summons four humans from the Twelth Reaper Corps; renowned for their daring and sense of humour; to assist. But what horrors truly lay at their destination, none could have guessed...

(TCB Halloween event fic. Spoilers in-story for anyone who really thinks about it.)

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An Earth man wakes up early to watch the sunrise on the longest day of the year. Meanwhile in Equestria, Nightmare Moon makes sure the sun shall never rise again, and adds a little something for a nice touch. This is based upon eye-witness accounts of what two of my best friends remember of their time in Equestria.
Please note: The first few chapters aren't very good, and neither George nor Sam likes them.

Cover art by AegisExemplar, but it can always be better. If you can make a better looking one of it, please do.

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