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So many ideas, so little time. (pfp by @stirmling)


Back in the ancient times, just after the defeat of Nightmare Moon, Equestria was a fairly different place. The magic of the world was untamed, shaping the lives of all creatures, and the wilds were, indeed, wild. Strange creatures and bizarre vistas could be found all over, like an artist's strokes cross a breathtaking painting.

It was in these times that Fantasia Lexicon was born, a mare with a rather... peculiar way of seeing the magic that flowed through all living things.

This fic is an ongoing commission made through Discord, I am glad you chose me for your fic idea and I can't wait to keep working with you in the future.

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MoonWoah #1 · Monday · · ·

Another RK classic!


Long Haul #3 · Monday · · ·

Commisioner here! Thank you for reading it, and hopefully you enjoyed it as much as we had creating it. Feel free to join the discord and talk about it or peruse through Rusty's other stories, they are all so amazing and I am so ready to commision the next 40 chapters of this story.

It seems this pony will have to use another source to draw out their magic!

interesting start

Glad you enjoyed it, this has definitely been my most interesting and fun commission so far!

Burrow was the passing remark
Incredulous of is the sister's betrayal
Loss none considered for the losing kind
Settled remains were volatile to attain
Outgrew was the misshapen to a fledgling scene
Out came a foal brought, difference were her teachings
Neglect wasn't but pressured full
Worry, fury were its traits
Lofty remains make what is known.
For well hope your creation is thought, less there be hurt continue paving must it be, Sir Rusty_Kettle.
Have a great Afternoon

Thank you for your words

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