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For thousands of years there has been a war! A war of confection proportions. Pie Vs.Cake! Many argue that cake is best. Others suggest that pie is superior. Well duh! Pie is the best! Why must it take a Wonderbolt explaining why to prove it you?

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Pretty funny I must admit.

Cake vs. Pie?
Brownies. That is all.

I think it's funny that Pinkie Pie works for Mr. and Mrs. Cake. I see what they did there. :pinkiehappy:

Saw the picture and thought "American Pie" as a legit reason.

Ok, before I commence reading I simply must state: PIE IS BEST! :flutterrage:

Wow! Thank you guys for your comments and all. Honestly I was VERY bored and I had already baked a pie today (no joke) so thought I should write a fan fic. For my first fic ever, are there any pointers anyone wants to give me?

The cake is a lie!!

The next time I get into an argument with someone about Cake vs Pie, I'm pointing them to this. :derpytongue2:
And I was wondering when Pinkie would come into this. Wasn't expecting it to be the End, but whatever. :unsuresweetie:


Eh, I needed somepony that Soarin' could vent this to. Pinkie seemed the most likely to not only bring on this conversation but be willing to sit through it.

This entire story is heresy and should be burned as such!

First of all pies are high labor low reward (was in pastry for a short while), primarily because of the crust. A good crust is tricky but producing cake with a fine crumb and soft texture is art.

Second, cakes are not just mediums for frosting. A good cake should hold up on its own without frosting. I am not a big fan of frosting, but there are glazes, fillings, glaces and all sorts of wonders with cakes. The joconde sponge, the pound cake, the chiffon, I would continue but its clear this author is a philistine! Forget cupcakes, think of petit fours, bite size layer cakes enrobed in chocolate.

Speaking of the miracle that is chocolate, what do you have pie man? Chocolate pudding in a graham cracker crust? To the moon with the foul thing, it is unworthy of such a fine ingredient. Bring me a mousse cake decorated with rolled truffles immediately.

So take your lowly pie, plebeian! I will be in my ivory tower laughing while I consume my slice of french apple cake. Is it a cake or a custard, WRONG! It is both and it is glorious!


Ohhh someone did some research! I applaud you...though I very much disagree. A delicious crust isn't as hard as people make it out to be. I have a perfect pie crust recipe and it only has 4 ingredients. And in all my years of being a baker I've yet to find a cake that has bested a pie. As for chocolate, I'll stick to my French Silk pies...although that french apple cake does sound rather good...might need to add another chapter to prove that pie is better than every dessert!

Could've used Spitfire too. Here's her dialog:

"Ok, this has got to be the twentieth time you've told me that story. I get it. You love pie. Now can we get back to practice?"

"Philistine." Soarin then gobbled down the last of his pie.

Sorry, have the urge to write a fic myself and it kinda leeched out. :twilightblush:


Very much not a bad idea! Might steal that if I add another chapter...or write a related fic. I'm just a huge Wonderbolts fan colt and I just don't like that there are hardly any Soarin' fics that aren't clop fics (not that I don't read those too, just want something different). I just had the mindset today of "why not?" so I wrote my first fic ever!

Ohmygosh,ohmygosh,ohmygosh, someone liked my idea. :rainbowkiss:
I mean *ahem* - Cool. :moustache:


Hey! I have no problem acknowledging a good idea when I hear one. Plus, I'm no writer. Just an athletic artistic brony with a little free time. I'm better suited in the kitchen than in a word doc. But it was fun to write, sure with a little help I could write another.

Woah, woah, just woah. And back at you, I have yet to see a pie beat a proper cake(not that sugary sheet cake nonsense stores like to carry..ugh). As for frosting, you want frosting, make a proper swiss buttercream, not that overly sweetened crap in tins.

Better than every dessert? Now you are just escalating to trolling my friend. I will put my flourless chocolate cake with dark chocolate glaze against any French Silk pie. I make a mean Rhubarb-strawberry pie with traditional custard sauce, not his ice cream crap Americans use, so don't think I don't know pie. Emphasis on Rhubarb, proper British versions have a 3:1 ratio rhubarb to strawberry in the filling.

Good luck beating the variety of cheesecakes and ye old standby chocolate mousse. Hell the simple elegance of creme de caramel will beat you down, so good luck fighting for best dessert.

Flour-less chocolate ganache cake is the best. :pinkiecrazy: Mmmm Chocolate.

:rainbowderp: and a Cupcake?
Are you nuts?
She's supposed to be dead, twice.( In A Cupcake and cut in half)


You know what, it's late, I can't sleep and I am stuck writing the first line of my next scene, so I am going rant some more.

You are also forgetting the pie's sexier sister, the tart. It is just like a pie but elevated in every way. Isn't that right, Miss Rarity?

:raritystarry: Of course, darling! A tart is refined, elegant, and so pleasing to the eye. Take for instance the apple tart. Thin slices of apple layered just so they overlap in a intricate spiral. So upper class, so me! A simple apple pie is well... charmingly rustic? Yes, charmingly rustic.

There you have it ladies and gentlecolts, right from the horses - I mean pony's mouth.

I think that this picture is obligatory in all pie vs. cake discussions:
The mighty picaken is sure to please both factions in such confectionery confrontations. Or neither of them. Or at least it'll give Pinkie Pie something new to do.

Yes, Pie is awesome. I am disappointed in the lack of discussion about cobblers and crumbles.
I love sweet potato, pecan and peach pie.

The only thing more awesome is waffles. Waffles can be made into an edible container for other treats, and can filled and covered with any toppings. Their great when you have a nasty hang over, The can be a meal or a side. They are easy to make and there is no flipping required unlike their rival the pancake. Waffle fries are great and hold ketchup better than regular cut fries. Pancakes can go **** themselves. :twilightangry2:


I was wondering if it was possible to add anymore to this...guess so :rainbowlaugh: I need to remember everything everyone said!:derpyderp1: I'll agree with you about the waffles though...wonder if I could fit that into pie somehow...

I love me some warm freshly baked glazed doughnuts!:eeyup:
Glad to see you threw that into your story along with the greatness of pie!:ajsmug:


They are second favorite food, I had to add them. But, as you said, this was about the greatness of pie!

I still prefer my mom's chocolate cake/cupcakes to pretty much any other dessert (including my brownies).
But I've never actually had pie, and this is doing a surprisingly good job of convincing me to try some . . .

Anyway, I am amused. Good job.


That was the point of the fic to be honest. Try to convince as many people as possible that pie is best, not so much that cake sucks...but I had to try to make pie look as good as possible. And I'm glad you like it!


omg you actually read and responded to my comment.
I was not expecting that.
So, um, Fluttershy yay? :yay:

And the next time there is pie I shall try some. For Soarin'.


Haha, well this is my first fan fic ever so I'm trying to respond to everyone cause I'm still pretty hyped that it's doing well!

Oh, Soarin' :facehoof:
You are your pies.
So engrossed with the pie that you don't notice Pinkie offering Rainbow a cupcake... :rainbowderp:
Hah, that was awesome. Five moustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:
(Even though cake is better :twilightsmile:)

1410864 Blasphemy! Pancakes are obviously superior. There's nothing like pancakes with fresh maple syrup and butter. Waffles simply don't work as well. There's a reason they don't serve waffles at Maple Syrup Festival.


haha thanks...and no pies are better (didn't I make that clear?):rainbowlaugh:

Also I like waffles and pancakes equally, even though my chocolate chip bacon beer waffles are the SH:yay:T!!


I was starting to write another fic if you wouldn't mind helping me!


No! Brownies and cookies both fail in comparison...do I need to write another chapter?
Thanks for reading though!

Well I'm not sure how I could help. I don't exactly have any experience writing stories. (I do want to write one though)
And I don't have a PC, so my equipment is limited. I'm currently doing all my internet-related things via my PS3. :facehoof:
Thank god this site is so very PS3-Friendly. :twilightsheepish:
But sure, I'll help however I can. :twilightsmile:

Write another chapter :scootangel:

This fic made me hungry as I read it...
Make me a Pie?


haha that was all I was trying to do. And maybe I make you pie :raritywink:

1410195 :rainbowlaugh:LOL I SEE WHAT U DID THERE XD
1410823 HOLY ELCAIRS! :pinkiegasp: WHERE CAN I GET ONE OF THOSE CAKES?!:pinkiesad2: * Eats cake *
:pinkiecrazy: *evil sounding* MORE
1415040 I agree. Pancakes ARE good...but not as good as the thing at bottom of my comment
1420160 this is my comapison: PIES STINK! They don't have funffeti flavor! or..*licks lips* doblue choolate vannalia strawbaerry eclair no frosting cake! WITH FREAKING 50 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CUSTARD! * Dies from food EPICNESS!*
*Comes back 2 life*
now where wasi? oh yes!
that cake I was talking about?
*Pinkie walks in* :pinkiehappy: IM ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT
:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
:pinkiesick: *dies*
* Shoves my moms holiday treat in her face*
:pinkiehappy: *CHOMP*
:pinkiesmile: not anymore *burp*
Well I hope you read this, and agree with my solution.
Cause I've actually done that-
Dam it!
Well....i'm going to go find my girl pride now... if i can pick up the stains... ( SORRY ITS SO LONG!)


all I can say is...:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

But I disagree. I could make a funfetti pie.

Damn it, you are trying to troll me again, aren't you?!

I see you're insulting cakes again, because the word cookie is derived from the Dutch koekje meaning 'little cake'.

And you never answered my tart argument, which totally counters your savior argument. All hail the onion and cheese tart!

methinks that what matters is what kind of pie/cake/cookies they are, and how well they are made, as i like all of them equally.

Key Lime pie is just cake in disguise, cheese cake to be exact. Everything Soarin' knew is a lie. :twilightsheepish:
I'm surprised that you didn't mention the application of ice cream on both. Ice cream on pie and ice cream sandwich cookies. Cookies have the advantages of portability, mint flavored cookies (you rarely see pie in mint flavored) and they stay fresher longer.

If you think about it more things can be listed in the pie category(crust and filling) like empanadas, beef patties, pierogis, etc.

... And then Soarin' started a protest, demanding that the Filly Scouts of Equestria sell pies, not packaged cookies.
And then Spitfire headdesked. And wondered what she had done to have gotten stuck with him.


Ah! But I'll save ice cream for another chapter!


Ah! But I'll save ice cream for another chapter!1446746

Pretty much haha

Ice cream, sherberts(healthier than ice cream, cake and pie), frozen yogurt (also healthier than ice cream, cake and pie), gelato, shakes, smoothies and shaved ice. Pie gonna have a hard time competing with the churned dairy and fruit crowd.

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