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How do you say goodbye?

The community of Ponyville lose an elder statespony, but more importantly the Apple family say goodbye to their cherished figurehead.

For some there are revelations, whilst others find unity.

And then there's the story of how an heirloom gets passed on, in the Apple family way.

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A nice start to a somber sounding story!

This was deep and really good. Made me shed a tear.

This is a perfect little fanfic that gets the ambience and the feeling of the moment perfectly.

This is very sweet and sad. Granny Smith will be missed :fluttercry:

Playing this song slowly in my head now thanks a lot 😭

🎵“We’re Apples forever, Apples together. We’re family but so much more. No matter what comes we will face the weather, we’re Apples to the core!”🎵

This a very good and very sad short story.

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