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"I'm just your common fellow who loves to read, draw, listen to music, take a few walks, some peace and quiet and at rare times; write a few stories."


Batman, with all of his nearly unlimited resources and calculative intellect, could never have predicted to come to discover the existence of seven teenage high school students that had obtained magical abilities. Of course, he knew that there would be more problems, seeing is how the seven teenage girls that have enough power altogether to potentially combat and defeat the Justice League. The thought alone, should be considered incredibly dangerous.

So in order to combat against the possible outcome, the Dark Knight must do what he believes is necessary: creating new contingency plans for all seven girls; lest they one day become a threat not only to their respective city and its citizens but to the entirety of Earth itself...

A one-shot based upon Batman's contingency plans for the Justice League that I watched on YouTube. And to also pay tribute in the memory of the late Kevin Conroy; aka, the Voice of Batman!

I do not own both My little Pony: Equestria Girls or Batman. Both belong towards their respective companies.

I own this one-shot. No more, no less.

The artwork was done by the artist known as jasric. If you would love to see more of their artwork, go check them out at https://www.deviantart.com/jasric

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Can't wait for a villain to see this information

Comment posted by xachtaynhatgiarenet deleted February 13th

You take on one Pinkie, Batman, you take on All the Pinkie.

And if you do, there will be a cupcake waiting for you.

Dont worry about loosing the files, Pinkie has them duplicated in her Party Cave.

Along with her files on You. :pinkiehappy:

I'd honestly love to see one for Vinyl, considering she has access to a high tech transforming car that doubles as a music booth, and how even as a girl who can't really speak part from a very, very few times, is immune to music forms of hypnosis due to her headphones. Considering how cool and genuinely kind a student she seems to be, I don't think Batman would want to hurt her, especially given her speech disability, and also I wonder if her shades would play a role at all as I like the idea that she has photophobia, which a few other fanfic stories created, which is a reason she wears the shades to protect her eyes.

Ah. But that's what Pinkie thinks. This is Batman we are talking about. He's dealt with things that would eat the girls for breakfast. Pinkie barely comes into the top 50.


Depends on the Pinkie.

The expected girls Pinkie he pretty much could handle.

Equestrian can handle the power of a chaos God without exploding Pinkie, is somewhat tougher.

Hopefully one of them will have posted him the link to Just Add Ponies.:trixieshiftright:

She Who Pronks Behind is far easier to appease than annoy.:unsuresweetie:

After listening to some of the Batman Agamemnon Contingencies, I heard this in the voice of Mr Conroy.

This was fun to read, but you forgot Rainbow and Fluttershy can also get wings by ponying up, and that Batman could just take their geodes to depower them.

Well, for this one-shot, I'd figured that it would've been better if Batman would focus on their respective abilities. Plus, he wouldn't know about them 'pony-ing up' or about the geodes, for the former to be called a 'rumor' and the latter, he would think of them as normal necklaces. :applejackunsure:

However, thank you for the compliment. I hoped that you enjoyed reading it. :twilightsmile:

As I was writing this, I couldn't help but hear his voice. He will be missed dearly by nearly anyone who grew up watching the shows and playing the Arkham series. :ajsleepy:

However, I hoped that you liked reading the one-shot. :pinkiesmile:

Well, knowing Batman, he probably wouldn't see Vinyl as much of a threat in a physical sense. However, he would probably be invested into learning on where she'd obtain her Transformer based DJ car; in hopes of replicating the technology to be used in his gadgets. ๐Ÿ˜•

However, if she would be considered a threat, then maybe...hmm, well, I'll save the best for a sorta sequel. (Maybe?) ๐Ÿ˜‰

True. Though thankfully, Vinyl is one of the chilliest and most seemingly laid back of the students, and it'd be fun and sweet to see her befriend Batman, given she seems to be someone whose just very happy to be with anyone.

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