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Wishing Upon A Black Star


After a thousand years of living within the borders that protected the three pony races from the creatures outside as the relentless war continues on without end. A young mare unicorn of magic, Twilight Sparkle, discovered an ancient prophecy that foretold a beast of snow and ruin will end all of life in this world being freed from its dark imprisonment from the Nine Layers of Chaos deep within the planet's crust.

Desperate to search the fabled Crystals of Harmonically Elements to vanquish the evil, she had to force herself to leave the safety of her home to head for the north where a forgotten civilization laid in ruined grace had housed them since they were last seen there. But, what is she will find will be more than what she bargain for when she was companied by five other creatures in an adventure that will forever change the world and lead it to a much brighter and peaceful future.

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