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Tensions had been brewing in North Zebrica for a long time. With the destruction of the Storm King giving them an excellent opportunity, Chiropterra, a secretive state of slavers and zealots, invaded Tobuck and the tribes of the Imazeeb. Their expansion wasn't ready to stop there and the next target seemed to be the ancient Kingdom of Warzena.

The Nightmarist came in the dead of the night, intent on spreading their dogma and their cruelty. The invasion of Warzena was supposed to be a lightning quick war which would extinguish the dying kingdom once and for all. The last domino to fall in the dominance of the Nightmare! But it was not meant to be.

Instead of the lightning war against a group of squabbling and unprepared zebras, the Chiropterrans found themselves up against stiff resistance. The Warzenin people, humiliated once at the cruel hands of the Storm King, would never again allow themselves to be conquered again! With the assistance of Hippogriffia, the line holds. For now. Every day, the Nightmareist and the opportunistic Sufrit of Colthage gain more ground in Warzena and Zumidia. Every day, the seemingly inevitable draws closer.

To most outside of North Zebrica, the war is a mere distraction to the greater conflicts brewing on Equus and Griffionia. But not all are content to leave the light of Harmony snuffed out by cretin authoritarians and hate filled zealots. Some would give their lives for such a cause.

As the king of Warzena declared for all the world to hear: "Warzena Is Not Yet Lost!"

Based on the popular Hearts of Iron 4 mod, Equestria at War

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interesting, did that expect activity from you. no offense of course

11488035 Oh don't worry! I don't expect it out of myself at this point!

okay then. Though I admit, the story description woke A few memories

Looks like a good start! Warzena has not been touched on much so it’ll be good to see some action.

thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it

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