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This story is not about the Mane six, but about Spike, Spike has not gotten used to living in Canterlot again, he asks Twilight for some time to return to Ponyville and would return when he is ready to leave Ponyville, Twilight accepted with all pleasure and he will go live for a while with starlight and we will see the adventures he has had through the months.

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Hello guys!!! i'm sorry if it's too short, but the next chapter will be more long than this :pinkiehappy:

"You're right, I'm going to talk to him, I'm the only one who has Spike's number so XD." Button Mash said as he spoke to Spike on his phone.

How in the name of the omnissiah do they have phones?

"Hello Spike!!! How are you?? How is Twilight?? How was everything after season 10???" Pinkie said as Spike could barely process everything Pinkie was saying.

Shit she knows too much deploy MTF taskforce party poopers or someone take her out if you have a shot

The power of the script does things you never imagine, it was a toy one 🤓

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