What happens after the end?

by xXRizzUXx


Starlight took Spike to the old Twilight Castle to leave his things in his old room, but Spike had plans to escape from the castle to go out with his friends Button Mash, Pipsqueak and Rumble to play at Button's house, however when Starlight was accommodating the moving boxes, Spike took the opportunity to try to escape to go out with his friends.

"Where are you going Spike?" Starlight said as she looked at Spike with a completely serious face.

"uh... I... was going... to the cupcake shop hehehe." Spike said as he was startled by how Starlight was looking at him.

"Look little dragon, from now on I'm your aunt so you're not leaving here until you arrange all your things and you don't think you'll save yourself from working at the friendship school." Starlight said with all the authority and authority to scare Spike away. OK OK OK STARLIGHT!!! I'M GOING TO DO IT BUT DON'T DO ANYTHING TO ME!!! said the dragon totally terrified.

Well, now tidy up your things, and then I need you to tidy up a few books that I have. Starlight said as she turned to go to where the Cutie map was.

"Damn... Well Spike, I guess you should hurry to see your friends." Said the dragon as he quickly began to arrange all his things.

2 hours later.

"Well Spike, it looks like you've settled everything, I'll let you go out with your friends, just come back earlier so you can have dinner, and don't take too long! Said Starlight in a hurry going to the school of friendship in a hurry for some papers that Trixie had left for her from the curriculum of a new student.

"Okay Guys, Here I Come!!!" Said the dragon as he flew out the window.

"I'd better buy some Cupcakes before I see them." Spike said as he reached Sugar Cube Corner.

"Hello Spike!!! How are you?? How is Twilight?? How was everything after season 10???" Pinkie said as Spike could barely process everything Pinkie was saying.

"Season 10??? What are you talking about??? Twilight is fine... Me too... Well, could you give me 20 Cupcakes?

"Sure!!! Grab the Cupcakes!!! Bye Spike!!! Say hello to Pipsqueak over there!!!" Pinkie said as she watched as Spike left the place.

"Well, Rumble told me he'd meet them near Sweet Apple Accres... Wait a minute...

WHAT'S GOING ON THERE??!!" Spike said as from afar like a pegasus and a dragon were fighting in the distance.

"Isn't that Rumble?! and that's a Dark Red Dragon?!" Spike said as he went at full speed to see what happened.

In that place...

"SCRUPT, WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO MY FRIEND?!?!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK DID SHE DO TO YOU?!!?!?!?!" Rumble said while brutally fighting with Rex.

"Wow the girl is going to cry, they should bring you a skirt to wear." The Dragon said as he punched Rumble in the chest causing him to fall to the ground.

"RUMBLE!!! wretch, take this!!!!!" Pipsqueak said as he lunged at Rex.

"AAAA WHAT THE F#CK BRO?!" Said the dragon as he tried to recover from the blow.

"Apparently the girl from Rumble needs her boyfriend to defend him because he can't, you already saw how I left your friend and friend, do you think you can beat me that easy?" Said the dragon with an almost mocking tone, holding onto Pipsqueak.

"Damn..." Pipsqueak said as he remembered what happened.


"Hey guys, we're almost all here but Spike is missing." Apple Bloom said while everyone was quietly eating some apples.

"You're right, I'm going to talk to him, I'm the only one who has Spike's number so XD." Button Mash said as he spoke to Spike on his phone.

"Hey, who's coming over? Is it Spike?" Dinky Doo said as they all turned to see that a dragon was approaching them.

"It's Spike!" Apple Bloom said as she approached the dragon to be greeted with a scratch on her cheek and a blow to her stomach that caused her to fall to the ground.

"Wait what the hell?! He's not Spike, he's... REX!!!" Scootalo said as Rex kept getting closer.

"Did you really think I was Spike? Stop being stupid, now get out of here, I'm going to happen." Said the dragon as he pushed Sweetie Belle, Button, Dinky and Rumble away.


"DAMN!!! WHY DID YOU DO IT?!?!?! Spike said as he proceeded to punch Rex but Rex dodged and hit him back and then fired a fireball at Spike causing him to fly out of the place crashing into Button Mash and Sweetie Belle who were just getting up because Rex pushed them.

"Son of your... I swear this won't stay like this Rex." Pipsqueak said as he helped his friends up.

"Say what you want, stupid colt, but the next time they make me angry I will have no mercy." Rex said as he flew off towards the Everfree Forest.