• Published 13th Nov 2022
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What happens after the end? - xXRizzUXx

This is a story that will explore what happened after the end of the series with Spike.

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Far from home

It was a quiet morning in Canterlot, Twilight was doing her homework as the new Princess of Equestria, while Spike was in his room thinking about what he could do while in Cartelot besides helping Twilight with her princess duties, and he couldn't stop. remember his friends in Ponyville.

"Rumble, Button Mash, Skeedaddle, Tender Taps, Pipsqueak, Scootaloo, Babs seed, Sweetie Belle, Dinky and Applebloom..."
said the little dragon while suddenly thinking about Applebloom, and at the same time he thought that he didn't believe the lie that he liked Rarity.

SPIKE LET'S GO TO DINNER!!! Twilight yelled so Spike could eat something because he hadn't eaten all day.

"I'm coming Twilight." Spike answered from his room.


"Twilight... Do you miss Ponyville?" asked the dragon while twilight ate a rich vegetable broth.

"Of course I miss Ponyville Spike, why do you ask?" Twilight told Spike as he drank some cool water.

"Well... the truth... I miss Ponyville and I want to go back for a while because I don't feel ready to leave Ponyville..." The little dragon said as Twilight looked surprised.

Let me guess, it's because of your friends right? for Rarity? I know you like her but I'm not complaining about that. Twilight said as Spike changed his face from confusion to a dejected one. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS STUPID LIE!!! The dragon answered furiously while Twilight looked at him with a confused face. ALMOST ALL MY LIFE I HAD TO LIVE WITH THE LIE OF "I like Rarity" HOW AM I GOING TO FALL IN LOVE WITH A SELF-CENTRIC PONY!? It's not that I don't like Rarity, but she gets to be very self-centered with everyone putting their costumes and romances first over us!!! I never liked her... The one I always liked was Applebloom but I don't have the courage to tell her how I feel about her...

"Wow Spike, relax, I have no problem sending you to live with Starlight for a while if you want, plus you can live with Applebloom if you want". Twilight said as she looked at Spike blushing at what Twilight said.

Wow Twilight, are you really willing for me to go to Ponyville? THANK YOU VERY MUCH REALLY!!! and sorry for talking to you like that, I couldn't take much more. The dragon said as he hugged Twilight.


"Spike, get your things ready, the train is coming". Twilight yelled for Spike to get ready.

I'm coming Twilight!!! I can't wait to see my friends!!! especially to Apple bloom... Said the dragon while he babbled thinking about Applebloom.

At a train station

Hey Spike, let me tell you that so you don't go alone on the trip, I decided to let Apple Jack know so that Pipsqueak and Rumble would come. WHAT?! they are going to come? cool!!! And it seems that they have already arrived. Twilight said as the train began to stop for the passengers to get off the train.

"PIPSQUEAK, RUMBLE!!!" The dragon yelled as he looked at his friends excitedly.

"Hey Spike, good to see you after a month of being out of Ponyville huh?" Rumble spoke with that usual sarcastic tone.

"It's a miracle that thanks to Twilight we can see you again haha." The little earth pony said as he hugged Spike for the excitement of seeing him again. The dragon yelled as he looked at his friends excitedly.

"How cute the 3 look together, I'm going to take a picture of them to remember this." To which Twilight immediately took a picture of them.

ALL ABOARD!!! yelled the Driver for all the foals, elementals and ponies to get on the train.

On the trip they were talking about what has happened to them these last few months, Pipsqueak mentioned that a new dragon named Rex, has been taking away the peace in Ponyville with all his evil things like almost burning down all of Sugar Cube Corner why didn't they give him a free muffin, he almost felled the trees of Sweet Apple Accres because an apple had fallen on his head, told Trixxie that she is a loser and that without Starlight she would be nobody in life, and even confronted Discord himself because Angel took an carrot from him, while visiting Fluttershy's shrine.

"There really is a new dragon in Ponyville and more unfortunate, why is that so?" Spike wondered as he chatted with Rumble and Pipsqueak.

"It's the truth my friend, that dragon has become a headache for everyone, EVEN PINKIE PIE HIMSELF! And that she is good with everything, except with villains, in fact she sees Rex as a villain." Rumble said as he sighed.

"WE HAVE ARRIVED IN PONYVILLE!!!" The Driver shouted indicating to the passengers that their destination has been completed.

"Well Spike, get ready because someone is here to spoil you." Rumble said with a sarcastic tone.

"Wait how to conserve me?" asked the confused dragon.

"Well... Let's say a little pony with a bow and a cutie mark of a shield and an apple will be waiting for you next to Starlight" Rumble said trying not to laugh while Pipsqueak looked from the other seat at Spike's confused face.

"Tell me right Rumble, I didn't understand you." Spkie said as he looked at Rumble's disappointed face.

"Look at it mate, Applebloom likes you just like she likes you." Rumble said as Spike's face went from confused to a blush.

"Well I think we should go now." Pipsqueak said as he grabbed some bags from Spike

"Hey Pip, don't think we're not going to help you with my bags right Rumble?" Talking to Rumble to help Pipsqueak.

After leaving the train, Starlight, Scootaloo, Sweetiebelle, Button Mash, Dinky doo and Applebloom were waiting for them.

"Hey guys, it's good to be home again isn't it?" Spike them to the ponies that were present.

"HELLO SPIKE!!!" Applebloom said yelling blushing as she hugged Spike with all her might.

"Hello Applebloom..." Spike said with a blush on his face.

"Look, they like each other" Button Mash said to which Starlight responded with discontent.

"Shut up kid donkey, this is cute and you can't deny me." Starlight said to Button Mash.

"Well Spike welcome back to Ponyville!!!" Pipsqueak told him as he grabbed Spike's things.

"Hehe... I'm back home!!!" Spike said excitedly.

In a place near the train station

So the dragon they talk about so much has returned and they think he can stop me, huh? that will be seen in time little brother... Rex said from the shadows camouflaging himself.

Author's Note:

Este es mi Segundo Fanfic Espero y lo disfruten :pinkiesmile: