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Oh a loyalist story? I love it. MOAR!

Oh no? Don't tell me that his infiltration team has betray him as well. Since you literally said that he is the last loyalist?


When you opened your eyes again, your vision was blurry, but you could make out a vaguely pony-shaped figure hovering over you. It was blue and yellow and had a light blue head. You also heard a voice that, despite being a bit faint, was most definitely male.

"That's what you get for kidnapping Rainbow, you oversized cockroach!"

Who the heck is this guy?

I love this so far had my own idea for the last loyal changelings in a crossover story but i'm way behind on the show having not watched it since end of season 5. Hope to see this updated more and hopefully regularly might become one of my fav fimfic

Thy hath us intrigued. I don't think I've read a story like this before except for a oneshot, so this will be a new experience.

Yes! Get to her before those hypocrites! Go on soldier!

From the description, I'd say Soar'n in his wonderbolt uniform.

MOre dude. And yeah too soon... i like it more.

Welp, his own infiltration team has betrayed him as well! That sucks. ( In his eyes. )

"Negative. His hivemind connection has been severed; must've happened shortly after he transformed into that big ugly deerbug thing. Another reason why his reign won't last long, but I'm getting ahead of myself. You better leave the hive if you wanna stay loyal to the queen and the true changeling way of life."

You wouldn't say that when you too are also changed yourself, Pharynx. Later on that is. :ajbemused:

The heck just happened!? Did he have a premonition of the future!?

Good thing the queen didn't put a curse on her crown, You thought. The last thing I need is to be turned into a duplicate of her every time I put it on. Suddenly you heard laughter in the distance, causing you to stop dead in your tracks. Spying a bush big enough to hide your body, you slowly tip-toed forward and crawled inside, squinting your eyes through the leaves to get a better look at what was beyond it.

Is that a reference of the Super Crown? That turns Bowser into Bowsette. :duck: :unsuresweetie: :moustache:

"Ponyville Infiltrator 5 to Swarmleader Pharynx. I have successfully ambushed three of the element bearers and trapped them in a cave in Whitetail Woods. Wait until you hear how I did it."

You waited a bit, but there was no response.

"Swarmleader, come in. Do you read me?"

Still no answer.

"Swarmleader if you're there please respond."

Once again, no response.

This was odd. Why wasn't he answering you?

Of course, he is already converted. :facehoof:

Ponies weren't the only creatures that were in the massive mountainside city: You also saw gryphons, dragons, yaks, buffalo, hippogryffs, and even a few diamond dogs. However, one species caught your attention:

Glad to see that the Buffalo's and Diamond Dogs are relevant again.

it is somehow strange to watch how a character who, in theory, should not trust everyone except representatives of his own species, without a shadow of a doubt, tells his story of the first zebra he met, which he had never seen before. He could pretend to be anyone and tell a lie based on the truth, but for some reason he decides to open up to someone who, in theory, could be a potential enemy.

1. I applaud your bravery.:raritystarry:

not worth it. This may not be true, but I'm pretty sure there are those among the readers who are here solely for the sake of it.

Great story! Hoping for a sequel that is longer.

So... This isn't about a changeling who refused to change because he enjoyed taking love by force?

Of course, in this version of events, Chrysalis builds a new hive and does not start talking to the trees, but Discord's plan (fake Grogar) has not gone away. How will he act now? just kidnap Chrysalis or take her new hive (family) with her?

The three changelings (if you could even call them that) just stared at you as you continued to rant.

In doubt simply call them Changedlings.

Sounds like there are several other 'lings around.
Good luck finding them though.

Stupid sexy queen.

I wonder whether she would be honored, annoyed or amused by his thoughts.

Good thing the queen didn't put a curse on her crown, You thought. The last thing I need is to be turned into a duplicate of her every time I put it on.

Would that really be a curse? Or more of an reward?
Whatever the case, I'm sure she won't be happy.

You proceeded to eat the rest of the fritter, taking in the sweet love that radiated off it in every bite. Once you were done you licked your lips with satisfaction; now you knew of two pony foods your kind could actually taste.

If you would talk to the ponies instead of kidnapping them you might learn even more...

Funny. You thought, as you levitated it into the bag with the crown in it. This blanket is the same color as the pony I disguised as back in Ponyville...and then trapped in that cave.

That rainbow pony will be so angry... Which I'm sure would only motivate hin further to take this one in particular.

With their defeat, Equestria will finally be at peace.

(G5-Spoiler) Opaline: "We'll see..."

I thought there was a ridiculous long time skip, but it was actually just a dream.
Better make sure this dream stays a dream.

Continuing your walk, you came across something peculiar: It was a small hut, carved into the trunk of a large tree. It sorted reminded you of that library in Ponyville that you flew over during the Canterlot invasion-the one that Princess Twilight resided in before she got her big crystal castle. You're not really sure what became of that library.

:facehoof:: *sniff* "I don't want to talk about it..."

At first you were a little hesitant, worried that whoever was living in this hut would recognize you and get in contact with one of the princesses, who would most likely send you back to the hive to have you turned into...one of those things.

Maybe put on a disguise?

"You're very brave to trek so far from your home without saying Au Revoir," Zecora replied. "If what you said so far is true, then I wish the best of luck to you." [...]
"Sorry Zecora, but I gotta get going. Before I leave, do you think you can keep our little get-together a secret from the princesses?"
"Very well, Blue Eyes, you have a deal. From here-forward my lips will have a seal." Zecora motioned a hoof across the front of her muzzle.

:trollestia:: "Et tu, Zecora?"

Shit. I just hope the homeowner isn't afraid of bugs.

You better hope whoever lives here is afraid of you. Otherwise he might attack instead of flee.

Bet ya didn't see that coming, huh?

Task failed successfully.
He had been found (failing his mission), bat at the same time accomplished his goal (finishing his mission).

Fortunately, they didn't last very long as you noticed something about the darts on the wall. Namely the fact that there were two on Twilight's face, four on Starlight, and a whopping seven darts on the face of the tall green creature

:twilightoops:: "Only two darts for me? Now I'm kinda insulted..."
:trollestia:: "You feel insulted? What am I supposed to feel then?"
Chrysalis: "To be fair, neither of you actually contributed anything towards your victory. Hay, even Luna did more than both of you combined."

When she looked at you, her eyes were weary and bloodshot, with small green veins stretching out from the corners. It looked as though she hadn't slept for weeks...if not months.

Considering it had only been nine days this says a lot.

"Forgive me, dear," She blushed. "I've been focused so much on grief, vengeance, and sorrow that I never had the chance to eat."

"Maybe we should freely share our love?"
And then both of them reformed. The End.

"I believe you deserve something special for both finding me and restoring my faith and power. Therefore, as a reward, I shall grant you one wish."
A wish? This is quite surprising. You began to think about what exactly you wanted-various thoughts swirling through your head like an eggbeater in cake mix. Then, realizing what day it was, you knew exactly what you wanted.

"Make me your Swarmleader! I mean I'm the most capable and strongest subject you have."
*reads what he actually wished for*
...I guess that works, too.

You closed your eyes and smiled, savoring the fact that you managed to make the queen cum with just your tongue.

Good soldier!
This will surely give him bragging rights once everything returned to normal.

"Mmm, that was delicious." She proclaimed, setting you back on the ground. "In more ways than one, I might add."

Let me guess: It was made with love?

"Damn...that was...quite a ride..." You said between breaths.
"Yes...it...certainly was...my dear..." Came the queen's reply.

It's also the best way to start a new hive!

I still can't believe that me-a simple soldier-manage to impregnate my own queen and have her give birth to 69 eggs!

They're both very proud to hit this specific number, aren't they?

"I don't know what I would do if you never stumbled upon my hideout."
You shrugged. "Who knows? Maybe you go insane, go hungry, or both. Good thing I did find you, huh?"

To be fair, the same would have happened to you.

You knew that changelings in their infancy did not enough strength in their stomachs to turn emotions into energy, so they needed to be fed some protein.

Interesting, that's the opposite of what I would have expected.
But hey, headcanon is headcanon. Especially since Hasbro never touched this subject.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

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