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Walking home at night clearly is one of the most stupid decisions you’ve ever made. That only becomes even more clear when you wake up in an unfamiliar place with strange new limbs.

Haven’t you ever been taught about stranger danger? Don’t go into dark alleys, don’t approach strangers in trench coats, and definitely don’t antagonize them for offering you glow-in-the-dark stickers. You never know if they are some strange, world-bending, celestial deity of some sort that gets easily offended at insults to their precious, precious sticker-selling business and decides to punish you by slapping a sticker on you, therefore transporting you to a world filled with fun-loving equines and terrifying monsters with racial problems.

Your stupid decisions aside, at least one good thing that came out from this situation was that you at least look kinda bad-ass. However, it really does make you stick out from the generic brands of ponies in this... “Equestria” land you woke up in. Hopefully your quick (not really) wits and profound knowledge in the art of profanity, sarcasm, and unknowingly ominous statements that you blurt out of your large, now fang-filled mouth. Hopefully you don’t fuck anything up.

This is a changeling/centaur reader insert. I was kinda planning on making this gender-neutral, but i think it will be a bit more room for hilarity if the reader was female. It doesn’t really matter what gender you are, though, there’ll be a lot of dirty, really tasteless jokes coming in this fanfic!

Another thing!! I have literally no fucking clue how reader inserts work on this site, but i have seen some of them so i may as well use similar tags!!! Also, this is kinda a... platonic story. I mean, there’s already a shit-ton of smutty reader inserts man, may as well make a platonic one.

I apologize if you don’t have long hair, or short hair, or hair, but i decided to just get kinda... in the middle by giving ya’ll short hair before and long hair after the thing. I dont know if ya’ll care or not about this, i really just ramble a lot and i’m Nervous if i do something wrong.

The cover was created by me. The gray areas are colors that are supposed to be filled in by you, but you probably already know that. :)

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Well this is definitely unique (it’s something I’ve never seen at least) :rainbowhuh:
Well jeez add it to the pile of Fics I have to read from you

Going to need a "second-person" tag in there...

hmm.... Having wings seems like a bit too much :/ but that might just be the part of me that feels that every character NEEDS to have some weaknesses....

Also we are apparently familiar with Quadruple movement since we diden't even stumble XD and really... no reaction whatsoever to discovering a bunch of colorful cartoon horses TALKING? xD

I love the Main character concept though =P i'd love to see it tweaked a bit and expanded upon to see just how much changeling is in there XD would love it if some of their more common abilities are changed or no where near as easy/useful for this MC hybrid...

I'll probably keep an eye on this story for a bit to see if you have any good plans for the Character concept at least... otherwise it just seems like it's going to be a bit too... random... for my taste

Oh, crap, you're right! Sorry about that, I'm still unfamiliar with the tag system on this site- I'll be sure to fix that at least later today.

Pfpff, yeah, you're right on your points there! I think I should go back and majorly edit the first chapter a bit, to give a bit of a more in-depth feeling of being in a new body instead of just descriptions. I designed the reader mc after a regular changeling, but I'm thinking of making the wings practically useless until later chapters, and the horn only being able to spear things or help the mc change a bit or shoot small bursts of energy. Since the mc insulted a powerful being, I would think that they would make them be a bit more... lesser when it comes to power. Also, when it comes to changing, im thinking that the first changes would just be the type of centaur the mc is, not the entire body. Again, in later chapters will i be able to make them shift into larger or smaller things, like ponies or mules or even a human, though it will probably just stay in those ranges.

Hmm... getting the Wings to work should take some serious work on the MC's part o.o it needs to feel like an accomplishment... and personally i can't see the mc being the speedy type of flyer once they do get into the air XD their larger size as a centaur would basically turn them into a flying tank XD

Otherwise it all sounds neat ^^ as i said... looking forward to see what you'll do with this concept =P

This has earned the twilight sparkle approval!

loved the read, it was quite well wrote and I wouldn't mind reading any other works you produce.

i'm just gonna toss this out their but I would not be mad about more of this

Ok, I think I got this.... Ah ha! She fucking punches 1 of them in the face. Then she runs, getting hunted like an animal. The after a month or so of this, she gathers a group to do a heroic "Custer's last stand" type a thing against Equestria, and beat their ass and take over their land. Bota bing bota boom.

Heheh, this is pretty good so far! Any idea when the next part will be coming out?

This just randomly popped up in an after story recommendation list and I gave it a shot. And wouldn't you know it, it's a good one. Please update this story soon!

Stickers of doom was the first thing I thought when I read the description 😂

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