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Storied Halls is tasked with gathering firsthand accounts of Equestria's greatest war so that all will remember and none will forget. Follow him as he gathers his tales.

The most devout and fervent of Celestia and Luna's followers and soldiers, civilians who find themselves suddenly besieged by monsters, and Princess Twilight and her friends who must raise arms against the sisters who guided their lives. Their stories and more must be written down for the ages.

The Nightmare Force returns, stronger and more resilient, and it wants nothing less than the absolute destruction of the princessdom that brought it ruin before. It takes the most powerful ponies it can find, Equestria's former rulers, and uses them to raise a dark army to achieve its ambitions. But in the end it fails, and through various interviews you will learn how.

Inspired by the song "Together Against the Sisters" by Jyc Row and Prince Whateverer ft. Celica Soldream

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I'm betting that both the sisters will feel extreme regret on the untold deaths of innocence on their hooves. :fluttershysad:

They won't live this down.

Impressiveļ¼Thanks for giving me an idea to my site. Ill be following your works from now on. Hoping for your success. Myjdfaccount.com

wait how was i tracking this story before a chapter was posted, i havent used fimfiction in months im so confused

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