• Published 28th Sep 2022
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The Dark Mirror Saga: Book 1: The Tale of the Last Caribou - Violagameboy

Twilight finds a black mirror in the basement of Canterlot High and listens to an old caribou's tale

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Can't wait for book 2.

so this is the end of book 1.

So Twilight decided to take Dainn to her dimension, well one thing is for sure... there will be a lot of CRAZY

There will be a lot of CRAZY and so much more, and book 2 will be one HELL of a ride :duck:

Beautiful Ending, i hope we can see more of this Dainn, I wonder if the Enchantment still follow him
My bet for Book 2 is the the Conversion Bureau, or Fallout Equestria but "The Godness" won

Not quite but close, you will see :duck:

My guess is a malfunction with the mirror portals that sends the two of them to another version of Fall of Equestria, with the Carribu either soon to arrive or already invaded. Then Twilight and the last survivor Daimon must team up to defeat this other King Daimon before he can bring about the same doom that we just read about. I can think of no better way for Daimon to redeem himself than to save another Equestria from befalling the same fate his world did.

The open questions would be how similar this new world would be to the one we've been reading about (this new Daimon might be more like his standard depictions and lack any good intentions or redeeming qualities), and whether the duo will arrive in time to stop most of the damage or if they'll be dealing with the deteriorating he'll hellscape that Daimon described towards the end of his story. It would hurt Twilight deeply if she had no choice but to put down the goddess of debauchery Cadance or the would-be emperors Spike and Shining Armor if any of them are too far gone in their corruption to be saved.

Daimon however might get some emotional carthesis from finally getting to vent his anger out on all the members of his supposed council that he couldn't do before their deaths in his universe, or work out some of his boundless self-hatred on his still self-delusion alternate self. He might also finally earn the death and release he has been craving for centuries.

One other thing I'm curious about is, if Twilight does first manage to bring Daimon to her Equestria, how long it will take Discord and/or the local Spirit of Harmony to notice and come investigate? I suspect his cursed god hood may be quite noticeable to beings like them. I also suspect they will be less than amused by Twilight's little act of compassion here and will want him gone as soon as possible, if they don't work to try to expell him immediately. This might well be one of the few times these two entities will have been in total agreement about something!

You're already finish this story?

Book 1 is complete. Book 2 is in the making. And trust me. It will be one HELL of a ride.

Well at least Dainn is a regular caribou and not an anthro anymore because he's got no hands. Just hooves.

When do you expect to be done with book 2? And when can we expect to see it?

Also, Amazing work!

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