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Equestria Daily Approved!
What happens if, due to an unlikely series of plot devices, everypony's favourite background ponies were brought together for a hilarious adventure? That's what this fanfiction explores as Octavia, DJ P0N-3, Lyra, Bon Bon, Doctor Whooves and Derpy go on their own little experiences, reminiscent of the Mane 6's adventures.

Cello edition.
Originally written on September, 2011. (Before Season 2)
Also FIMFiction needs to allow one more character tag. Poor Doctor Whooves wants his own tag on this story.

Each chapter (or set of chapters) is intended to be mostly self-contained, following a formula similar to the show, albeit more comedic-ally.

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I feel like I should clear up a few things.
This is not my best work. It was written a year ago, and was my first fanfiction. However, when writing it I found it almost boring. I felt like I couldn't exercise my ability to write well in order to improve, despite it being the purpose of writing this. So it is currently on hiatus. If enough people wish it, I may continue.

I was quite shocked and amazed when it was approved by Equestria Daily. My first written piece of fiction ever, featured on the front page of the fandom. However, the rules have since tightened, and I am unsure whether or not this is of high enough quality to be deserving of its place on EqD.

On the other hand, quite a few people enjoyed reading it, and as such I have uploaded it here in case any readers enjoy this type of comedy.

Critique is appreciated, however this is a year old, and I have significantly improved since then. I am not sure how helpful any more critique relating to this piece would be.

May the Choo Choo be with you.

I wonder what this reminds me of? Oh that's right. We're using the same image and idea. I think I'll check this out. Maybe I can steal your ideas. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Interesting. Did find one thing though.

<i>professional </i> professional.

If you were going for the italics, the <, /> need to be in [, /] BBcode and html code are slightly different.

*hoofstamp* APPROVED. Moving on...
I'm not too sure what to think of this. I like it, but it gets a touch over the top. All the same, favoriting and liking.

Hmmm... our favorite background ponies having adventures? Please, continue.:twilightsmile:

Crap. I thought I changed all of those.
This was originally formatted for Deviantart. I even ran a search to find any leftover '<'.

Although one could say that it's the other way around. This was on EqD a year ago.
Perhaps I will check your one out.


What do you mean? I said "using the same idea". Not "you're using my idea.

Anyways, I found this an interesting read. You should keep going

i enjoyed it, you just have a few spelling errors but other than that, well done :twilightsmile:

i think i already read this but i cant remeber when i read it:facehoof:

Deviantart. This got posted to EqD a while ago.

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