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First: Great first chapter. Can't wait for the second.
Second: I also tried my hand at fitting Izzy into a story. Though I don't think I did it nearly as well as you did.

If you post it, I'll be willing to read it and give you feedback. Also thanks for giving my story a read, and I appreciate your feedback.

Already did

EJust Smile Already
Come on, Kawhi. Just one smile.
Buck Swisher · 1.4k words  ·  12  19 · 231 views

its not great but i made it anyway

and yea, ill be following your story

Very interesting. If you need any help with anything related to the intelligence community or anything like that, I’m your man! Great first chapter!

I wouldn't have know haha. Your title and image threw me off.

Sure. An overview of what the type of questions and information an actual intelligence officer would like to know would be great.

Usually it consists sort of like a customs officer type of questions. But depending on the sort of intelligence. NSA would be more along technical lines. CIA would be more along the lines of trying to recruit foreigners and offering them places in the US in return for Intelligence. But considering that they hold the rank to second lieutenant, they are probably military intelligence and as a human intelligence officer it would be to figure out via interview military strength, activity of said army etc.

Thanks for this. With more G5 links on the horizon, predicting Izzy's character is a bit easier.

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