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I'm an aspiring voice actor, I love fluttercord and just MLP in general. I think I do a decent Discord impression


This story is a sequel to Discord's Third Eye

There is a lot of mixed signals between Treehugger, Fluttershy, and Discord. Discord already being in a state of confusion realizes that his life is going to take an interesting path.

Cover art by Hazel:

Tumblr: https://shy-hazelnut.tumblr.com/post/634911430233178112

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chaotic_hazel?s=09

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"It's poly amorous , silly," Treehugger giggled.

yeees polyrights

"I see candy canes and lollipops flying on rainbows," Discord said with his tongue sticking out being silly, making them both laugh.


All in all its really good ^^

Interesting and funny story I give it 10 out of 11

I can't believe it's taken me this long to comment on this story...but even if it took me a while, I enjoyed it as a sequel!

This story picked up at a good place since the first. Of course Discord would be a little conflicted, feeling like he's in a love triangle, and of course he'd be hurt if he thinks he's losing the both of them.

Treehugger makes a very good point about how a kiss isn't enough--of course you need communication for a healthy relationship, especially with multiple partners.

I notice that you often have the characters say "Sigh" and "Gasp" instead of describing that they sighed or gasped. It was a little distracting, but not enough to completely take me out of the story.

Here are a few lines that I just really, personally enjoyed:

"I mean, out of all of the creatures in Equestria, it had to be me and...FLUTTERSHY!" Discord turned to her as his face became beet red. He fell out of the chair, making a loud thud.

This just cracks me up :rainbowlaugh:

"Hmm...alright then. I trust that you two will do okay on this mission. Make sure you behave yourself, Discord," Twilight said half-joking.

Ooh, gotta love some good, friendly teasing between Twilight and Discord.

"Sigh...see this is normally the point where I would've gotten mad, but I really can't. Because now we could just be poly...uh... what is it called? Poly....ester? No, wait....polygon? Wait, wait! I think I got it! It's...uh...polyethylene?" Discord asked with his face scrunched in confusion.

Another part that just cracks me up! :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

The pacing may have been a little quick--but with Discord making snap emotional decisions (pretty in character for him), it makes sense. Overall, a very good read.

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