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Queen Zozer

I'm an aspiring voice actor, I love fluttercord and just MLP in general. I think I do a decent Discord impression


Discord's powers were always a mystery. I'm pretty sure not even he understands how it works sometimes. But there was a time where he not only didn't have powers, but life was easier for him without them. At least, that's what he thinks he remembers.

Fanfic idea and cover art by Chaotic Hazel: *~Chaotic Hazel~* — Fanfiction by Queen Zozer on fimfiction Cover art... (tumblr.com)

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Ah yes, Draco Malfoy.

Ooh, I'm intrigued! I do like the theory of Grogar creating Discord...and Discord being rejected right after being created is a new element that I think works well.

I feel sorry for poor Discord/Draco facing school and being an outcast, even knowing that something like that would happen...:fluttershysad:

But there's a small bright spot of hope, as Draco has both a mother figure and possible friend in Posey! Who seems similar to Fluttershy. Hmm... :trixieshiftright:

I look forward to reading more!

"My name is Posey."

I have Gen. 1 flashbacks

Oh man...this is heartbreaking. Poor Draco and poor Posey...and poor Amma, once she realizes that Draco's suddenly vanished in the blizzard.

And now I'm worried...Draco may have been able to find shelter, but did Posey? He's never going to forgive himself if something happened to her, is he...

Draco just laid there in the snow, cold tears running down his face. He stood up one last time and tried pushing Dips again. Instead of being beaten down like all the other times, Draco managed to stand his ground. He had his hands on Dip's hooves and tried to push him back. After nearly falling back again, Draco grunted loudly and nearly sent Dips flying. He had pushed him so far that it had left a ten-meter long wake in the snow. Draco nearly fell over from the sudden surge of energy. He looked up and saw how far away Dips was and gasped in shock. He looked at his own hands in bewilderment.


"Mm?" Discord said as he snapped out of his trance, "yeah, I'm...fine."

Probs found an error

"My mommy told me a story about a rare flower that could cure anything. It was called 'The Silver Starbeam,'" she continued as she held it's petals which seemed to have been shattered like glass, "she said that it only grew once every thousand years."

gets tangled flashbacks

"You're not my friend anymore..."

Oohh... ouch

"Oh, don't you worry yourself, now," the voice reassured him, "we'll do something about it...and we're gonna have fun getting our revenge."

Now I'm quite curious as to who that voice is. It could be Discord's conscious but it sounds like it's own person..I wondeeerr--

Also, that chapter was really good! Keep going, Zoey!! ^w^

Oh man...Discord has come. A dark manifestation of his powers? What Grogar expected him to become? I guess only future chapters may tell.

And I have a bad feeling that something very bad will happen to Amma in that storm...or if not, then Discord is going to do something bad...And I have a bad feeling about Posey, as well.

I eagerly await the next chapter!

And that was the very beginning of his rampage. He exacted his revenge on not only that grey stallion, but on that town. He terrorized everypony and had become the very monster that everypony would fear for years to come. Then, he went from terrorizing towns to terrorizing entire cities. Eventually, he had ruled all of Equestria. He had become the Discord that everypony would now despise. There was no going back for him. His memories of love and family had disappeared along with his sanity.

Oh gosh. :pinkiegasp:
Also keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

"Fluttershy! Have I ever told you about how I joined Trixie's Magic Show? Well, it all started when she lost her hat and--"

I love that little reference to my fanfic xD


This was a wonderful first fanfic! I liked your take on Discord's origin story. I also love how things come full circle in this chapter--Discord getting back his memories, seeing Posey again in Fluttershy, and finally, him giving her the flower she can use to cure someone she cares about.

I also love the little Fluttercord moments sprinkled in, of course. :rainbowkiss:

"Fluttershy! Have I ever told you about how I joined Trixie's Magic Show? Well, it all started when she lost her hat and--"

coughcough reference coughcough

also... the ending was so beautiful I love this so much ;w;w;;w;w;raritystarry::fluttercry:

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