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Hanging out with friends can be quite an eye-opening experience, especially at night. But what happens if one of your friends happens to be one that you nearly cast into another dimension?

WARNING: Discord x Treehugger in this fanfic. You have been warned.

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This is a very sweet story! :heart: It was nice to see Fluttershy and Discord interact in the beginning, and seeing him and Treehugger kiss is actually kind of nice. The kiss itself was well-written...I like the idea of Discord's mind being cleared thanks to Treehugger's gesture. And the tension he feels during the slumber party up to that point is palpable.

There were also several parts that made me laugh—especially where Discord's calendar said "Whole Lotta Nothin'", and the part where he attempts to play horseshoes, but it doesn't go well at all. :rainbowlaugh:

I have to admit...this pairing is interesting, but you've written it fairly well here. The kiss does come pretty quickly, but they're still not...completely serious, I suppose? So it feels fine. And seeing the three of them all snuggle up to sleep is a cute image.

And dare I detect hints of Fluttercord? Does this mean that after a serious conversation and figuring things out, Discord might have two marefriends? 🤔I wouldn't mind seeing the story between these three expanded, but I feel like you ended in a pretty good place.

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