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Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are just friends, right? Being excited to spend their college lives together doesn't mean anything. And those two definitely don't act like a couple...right?

I refuse to write swearing or nsfw stuff so don't expect any of that.

Fluttershy is a tiny baby who needs to be protected

TW just in case Anxiety Anxiety/panic attacks possible self harm Please let me know if there are any I should add.

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This was so cute

Very good first chapter! My only advice is to double check a few spots, there's some misspelling and minor grammar things like, I think in one spot you missed a quotation mark. I like to listen to it be read to me, weird as the robot voice sounds, that can help you catch sentences that just sound off or help you edit them to flow better! :twilightsmile:

Cute premise and promising execution. I've actually been wanting to write a story like this, a Flutterdash where they have no idea most friends don't snuggle, or share beds, ect. So you might be saving me from being the one who needs to do it:raritywink:
I do agree with wittyname, it needs a good edit. Not a nitpick, just friendly advise. The text to speech function on the site helps a lot. Looking forward to more.

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