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The Elements of Harmony have finally defeated Discord and brought peace back to Equestria. Everything's back to normal, but one of the Elements, Rainbow Dash, feels disappointed about how quickly her adventure ended and pondered on what it would be like to go on adventures with her hero, Daring Do. As Daring Do, who is a book writer in Canterlot, read about Rainbow Dash's feats in the news, she also began to wonder what it would be like to go on adventures with someone as strong and loyal as Rainbow Dash as her sidekick. They both see a shooting star fly in the sky, make a wish and suddenly depart on an unexpected journey far, far away from Equestria. In addition, the wish they made was only granted part-way. With Rainbow Dash as the sidekick of a well-know adventurer of Capital Wasteland and Daring Do being protected by said adventurer's "manservant", the two parties venture onto two different adventures in the post-apocalyptic Washington. How will they fare and, more importantly, does either one of them know that they're both closer to eachother than they think?

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Been working on this story for the past 9 weeks, which is the reason I managed to publish the first 3 chapters of this project of mine in a quick succession. Forgive me if you find some mispellings, grammar mistakes or information that's false, please inform me about them and I will try to fix them as quickly as possible. Other than that, happy reading and hope you all like the story.

Good, very good.:twilightsmile:

Now comes the onlyk flaw. Walls of text! Walls of it! The sentences are far too long in the beggining and gave me a mild headache to read through.

I like it! course I like almost all the fallout crossover's here. anyway. good job and keep the chapter's rolling. Also, I'm interested in helping you with ideas if you get stuck. so if you need a few, just send me a message. I salute you.


Ha-ha, sorry about that! I've written these chapters using Windows Word Started 2010, which gives pages to cycle from. I'm trying to write as if I'm really writing a book, which was one of the reasons I began this book project. I appreciate the compliment, I was worried that it would turn out to be a "too long, did not read"-type. I'll try to make C3 easier to read, since it's still a work in progress (but quite close to finish, perhaps I'll get it done by Sunday or Monday, depending on inspiration.)

Herbert: "Be sure and tune in for the next exciting chapter of me, Herbert "Daring" Dashwood and my blue-coated, non-fictious Pegasus sidekick Rainbow Dash!

Three Dog: "And now some music."


Thanks! I'll keep that in mind if a wall suddenly appears in front of me.:trixieshiftright:

post apocalyptic washington?
what the hell are they doing there xD

ooh man:rainbowlaugh:
i gotta admit i was confused as to whether or not
RD was a boy or girl the firs time i laid eyes on her


Herbert: "So, you want to know why Rainbow Dash ended up in here, eh? Be sure to follow my exciting adventure and you may find the answer!"

Glorious. Herbert Daring Dashwood and Argyle for the win.

Sorry for the extremely slow updating, work's draining all of my time and energy, not to mention thought of creativity... How are you readers enjoying the story so far? Easy to follow? Hard to graps detailed enviroment? Let me know, it'll help me improve this piece of work!

1764503 it's still good, but something tell me that rainbow is going to find out how painful it is being shot with a gun.

I can just see it "AAAAAAHHHH THAT BUCKING HURT AAAAAHHHH:raritycry:" and she going to get a gun now becasue now she know that even thos she bigger and stronger, she is not bulllet proof


Maybe, I don't think she can carry a gun, let alone use one.

2511034 he can make one for her, like make the tiger bigger and the ring aorund it cut off, make the handle longs so i can be use by hoof.

I think theres a pic for it hold on ( gone to the internet to look ) ok am back heres some links. look at all off theme they can give you an idea how cans can be work with no hands. ut give something work at 1st to dash like the .32 handguns








Thanks, but those are really silly and pointless ideas to add to my fanfic, can you next time come up with something more believeable.

2688523 hey having no hands for her to use thos guns is hard, theres 2 ways to do it.

1 useing or mothe, like that gun i show you she use her mothe for the triger to fire the guns, puls you can make a battle combat helment for her or a battle saddle.

2 mod the guns to hooves, you can take the sniper rilfe all you have to is cut the butt scok shoter, make the berrle longer, cut off the triger gard and make the triger bigger, than make the mag longer and the bolt of the rilfe longer

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