• Published 1st May 2020
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Tournament of Duelling Fun! - Garfield23

Lord Zeno is bored till someone introduces them to Yugioh cards, its a disaster waiting to happen and one all 12 universes will pay for. And tucked away in the sixth will draw in Canterlot High into a conflict of truly cosmic Levels

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Chapter 9- Bakugo! Calm down!

Kurotsuchi sighed bored as he began the first turn, he then took a long moment as he considered his move, looking at each card in turn, and then checked again before having another look at each card. He slowly considered the move that made the most sense, and then Bakugo screamed “Oh will you hurry up and make a move!” he looked comically furious as always but Kurotsuchi looked at one card turning it upside down as he did.

“Patience…I must consider which move is best suited to deal with the two women before us” Kurotsuchi explained as he turned to Bakugo his expression if possible even more bored than before “Now if your done being so rude…I must consider which cards are best suited for a water deck and a speed deck”

“Wait what?” Bakugo asked as he looked shocked at Kurotsuchi statement “How do you know what decks they have?! Are you cheating!?”

“Your squawking is very annoying” Kurotsuchi said as he finally made his move “I play the spell, Card Trader, from now on if a draw doesn’t suit my needs I can shuffle a card back into my deck and draw a card” Kurotsuchi then sighed “Sadly now I must summon a monster in face down defence mode and end my turn”

“My move!” Michiru declared as she drew a card “I play the field spell a Legendary Ocean! This card will allow me to summon Level 5 water monsters without a sacrifice so I’ll summon fourth in defence mode my Catapult Turtle! Followed by the Equip spell Horn of Light!” Catapult Turtle appeared with a horn coming forth from its head “I’d like to see you get past it’s now 3000 defence points!”

Haruka smiled “You two are done! We’re great at tag duels! You two were just unlucky to be playing us!” she said as she added “Michiru’s monsters represent our defence and mine will be the ones to…”

“What an annoyingly silly statement” Kurotsuchi said as he added “The Data shows why you believe that stupid statement…and it’s not based on reality…it’s based on your feelings for the other” he smirked suddenly “That kind of bond is easy to exploit”

“What!?” Haruka asked in surprise and anger.

“Oh no…that Kurotsuchi guy is trying to get under Haruka’s skin” Rei said from the side lines, she shook her head and added “Normally Haruka is a pretty balanced woman but I think Kurotsuchi just found their weakness”

“Weakness?!” Usagi asked in shock “But they’re bond is what makes them…”

“You don’t get it….if he targets one alone he could make the other careless” Rei said sadly as she shook her head “And then there’s that Bakugo guy…we’re so focused on the guy with the face paint that…”

“HEY! I heard that! Are you talking about me!? If you have something to say! Say it to my face!” Bakugo yelled at Rei who instantly looked annoyed “Yeah! That’s right I’m talking to you!”

“Or maybe he’s just a hot tempered idiot” Makoto said with a slightly annoyed glare.

“What was that!?” Bakugo screamed but the Grand Minister hovered down looking annoyed “And what do you want!?”

Dyspo groaned “Is it too late to swap him out? That guy really needs to consider anger management” as he added “Plus if I didn’t know better I’d say…”

“If I hear one more violent outburst from you, Mr Bakugo then you will be disqualified!” The Grand Minister warned evenly but Bakugo glared at him before looking like he was about to yell before Dyspo got in and covered his mouth “You know normally I’d say he’s disqualified but I did say if I heard the outburst…”

“Yeah that’s why I covered his mouth” Dyspo joked trying to sound like he hadn’t been desperate but Bakugo was struggling, screaming and probably shouting things that no one should ever shout “Would you calm down! Seriously! If you get yourself disqualified…Belmod won’t be happy!”

Kurotsuchi groaned “Hmm probably doing the rest of us a favour if he does get disqualified”

“Yeah I gotta agree with that” Haruka said a second later

“Same” Michiru agreed

Bakugo suddenly calmed down and growled something but it was clear he was ready for his turn. Dyspo removed his hand and stepped back but remained close enough in case Bakugo lost control again “Right! I’ll start with this! The field spell called Cybertron City!” suddenly the field was coated in a layer of metal and tall spires rose from the ground “With this card in play for every Transformers monster I have in play it gains a new effect!”

Jaden from the side lines smiled “So it works a bit like Jesse’s Crystal Beast Field spell?”

Alexis elbowed him “Better be quiet unless you want Mr Explosive Temper to lash out at you”

“I then set a monster face down and end my turn!” Bakugo said as he smirked turning to face Dyspo “How’s that you Trix Bunny looking moron!?” Dyspo cracked his knuckle in a warning manner “Whatever”

Haruka sighed “It’s my move! I play continues spell, the Speed way! This card allows me to summon two monsters in one move but when I use this effect I won’t be able to draw next turn!” she explained as she then said “I’ll start by Summoning the level 4, Armored lizard!” the lizard monster appeared hissing it’s fearsome warning as Haruka then used the effect “and alongside it! I play the tuner monster, Flare Resonator!”

Jack Atlas frowned “So another world has Sychro monsters…interesting”

“Time for Flare Resonator to give Armoured Lizard a tune up!” Haruka said as Flare Resinator brought it’s tuning fork and drumstick together and circled around the lizard “I summon the legendary Seven Swords Warrior!” the warrior monster appeared drawing it’s weapons and slashing through the air “Thanks to Flare Resonator my seven swords gains 300 attack points! Now for the equip spell Axe of Despair! I’ll end my turn there” the axe crashed on the field and the warrior picked it up but a bolt of energy suddenly shot fourth splitting in two and hitting both Bakugo and Kurotsuchi causing their points to drop by 800 “Oh I forgot to say once per turn if we equip something to Seven Swords you two lose 800 lifepoints!”

“Well that could prove to be quite annoying” Kurotsuchi grumbled “Still quite an interesting move…but it’s my move” he drew a single card and then looked at it. Again there was quite a long pause as he considered his move “hmm I send this card from my hand to my deck…using Card Trader and draw again. Yes this is much better. I sacrifice my defence monster to call on the power of this spell card!” he played it “It’s called the Continuous spell, Card Lab!” a massive iron coated lab appeared behind Kurotsuchi “My lab will allow me to summon any extra deck monster by simply offering a monster on my field of the same type to summon it! However I also play Brain Control! To seize control of Seven Swords warrior! Now I’ll order him to attack your turtle!” Seven Swords flew forward and as it did, both scouts knew there was no way to stop it as the axe of despair came down on the turtle “And now that is done I’ll sacrifice your seven Swords to summon fourth Jinzo!” the warrior to be replaced with the freaky cyborg monster “With that all done, I’ll end my turn”

Michiru sighed as she looked at her hand and shook her head “I play the Ritual spell Neptune Mirror’s reflection!” suddenly a giant form of Sailor Neptune’s Mirror appeared on the field “With it! I can summon Sailor Guardian Neptune in attack mode!” and as she spoke, her Sailor scout uniform appeared on her and she sighed “My attack points clock in at 2500! Deep Submerge!” she launched an attack against Jinzo, the water orb gathering above her head and then her thrusting it towards Jinzo who tried to resist but the attack washed over him and Kurotsuchi's life points dropped by 100 “I’ll set a card and end my turn”

“Wow! This duel is…” Twilight said as she sat with the Universe 7 team but then noticed Rainbow Dash sitting off in the corner “Rainbow?” Rainbow Dash turned her eyes dripping tears as Twilight and Sunset both turned as Rainbow pointed over to Universe 12 “What the heck!?”

“It’s disgusting!” Sunset snapped as Gilgamesh sat with Fluttershy serving him grapes and Jiro fanning him, this was clearly done to piss off the other teams as he was using Yugi as a seat when he didn’t have to and Yugi’s arms were tied in a way to stop him moving so it must have been painful “I’m going to go over there and…”

“You will do nothing of the kind!” Whis warned sternly

Beerus nodded “You will remain where you are or else!”

Rainbow ran and grabbed Beerus by the scarf around his chest “How can I just sit here and watch as he humiliates my friend!” Beerus easily pulled away from her and Rainbow snapped “Don’t you ignore me!”

Gohan walked up and pulled her back “It’s not that we don’t understand where you’re coming from, Rainbow but if we’re to stand a chance in rescuing them we’re going to have to play by the Zeno’s rules” the reality was more than Rainbow could bear and she turned to walk away “Don’t go near Universe 12!”

“Yeah whatever” Rainbow sighed as she walked towards the Universe 9 team absentmindedly.

“My move!” Bakugo snarled as he drew one card and looked at it “I now flip Transformer Shockwave!” the huge purple Decepticon rose up his attack points registered as 1800 “With his summon I get to special summon another Dark Transformers monster! So I choose Transformer Soundwave…his special ability means I get to see all face down cards on the field!” Sailor Neptune had no choice but to show her face down, as Soundwave appeared using his mounted shoulder laser to scan it and revealed it was a Mirror Force trap. Soundwave’s attack came in at 1700 “I still have my normal summon open to me! So I summon the Transformer tuner, Transformer Red Alert! Now I’ll give my cards a tune up to call fourth Transformers Omega Supreme!”

The massive Transformer appeared on the field his claw snapped as he turned to Bakugo “You are not in my computer data base” his attack points came in at 3400 “Your orders?”

Bakugo ignored him for a moment and said “Thanks to his special ability I can attack twice in a round and traps don’t work on him! Also when he attacks he dishes out an extra 1000 points of damage!” both scouts knew what this meant as Bakugo smirked “Now to finish you off, Blue hair! Omega Supreme attack!” the giant transformer targeted Sailor Neptune, raising his arm laser, Sailor Neptune bracing herself for the attack and indeed the laser struck forcing her back to her civilian clothes, she landed a few feet away with a clearly injured leg but her points were now 2100 “Now attack her and finish her off!”

“NO!” Haruka charged towards her friend and stood before the blast

“NO! Haruka! Get out of the way!” Michiru screamed in terror “Please just get out of the way!”

“I won’t and you know I won’t” Haruka said as a tear leaked down her face “I don’t trust that guy in the silly face paint! I have to protect you!”

Michiru smiled and said “But I want to protect you too”

“Well you can’t do that if your points hit zero…I don't have enough to survive this unless I activate the quick play spell Sailor Miracle! For every card I discard I gain 300 life points!” Haruka said kindly, her points jumped to 4600 after discarding two and looked up to face the attack, the laser shot out and Haruka’s points dropped to zero “I don’t….don’t understand”

“Ooo forgive me. I just thought I’d activate my lab’s second effect” Kurotsuchi said as Bakugo suddenly fell to his knees his points hitting zero too “And produce my Damage two way mirror! It requires me to throw away half my deck to the Graveyard but in exchange I can boost one attack by 1000 and then have it strike another target!” Kurotsuchi smiled as his points shot up by the same amount of damage Baukgo and Haruka had taken “Hahahahahaa which makes me the winner!”

The Grand Minister dropped down and said “He’s right the fate of the losers fall to Captain Kurotsuchi”

Michiru crawled over to Haruka, hugging her fallen friend and whimpered “No…you’re not taking her! She’s my…I love her! You can’t take her!” she kissed Haruka on the lips and she then was helpless to stop as Kurotsuchi walked over just to grab Haruka by her hair “NO! LET HER GO! I’ll do anything!?”

“Hmm? With the power you two share….I’d find it fascinating to see what happens when I split it up” Kurotsuchi said smugly as he put a collar around Haruka’s neck “Now I’ll be taking my lab rat with me if you don’t mind and that one too”

“Bakugo!” Midoriya screamed as he ran up and tried to help Bakugo up but the stubborn boy punched him in the face “Baku…”

“Let me go you damn, Nerd!” Bakugo said as he turned to take the collar “At least I won’t have to put up with you s…”

“Language” Kurotsuchi snapped as he snapped the collar around Bakugo’s neck he had chains that attached to the collars “Now I have to see what umm Quirk is it you have…and test it…to its limits” he pulled Bakugo and Haruka back to his team seats where Nemu sat waiting she wasn’t wearing a duel disc and was clearly there to assist Kurotsuchi “Ah Nemu ensure the lab we brought is ready for operation soon”

“Yes sir” Nemu said as she took the chains from him for Bakugo and Haruka

Usagi ran up to Michiru and Rainbow Dash also approached “I can’t believe this! I can’t lose her!” Michiru snarled as Rainbow nodded and she turned to her “You…?”

“I saw what happened? I wanted to ask how you are?” Rainbow asked sadly

“How do you think I am!?” Michiru challenged “I’ve lost the woman I love!”

“You haven’t…we’ll get them back!” Rainbow said and Michiru looked surprised “Fluttershy is a dear friend of mine, I may not love her like you love Haruka but I have a suggestion….”

“I think I know where this is going?” Usagi said as she stood up and nodded “An alliance? Unofficial? It’s a great idea! Members of our team will support members of yours…”

“Not just Universe 7 but Universe 6 too please!” Rainbow asked and both scouts looked a little surprised “There’s only one player they have that I don’t know but the others please help them!” there was a long pause before Rainbow added “I promise Universe 7 will help your team as best as we can! We brought a huge chest full of cards and…”

“So did we” Ami said as she approached and said “We better discuss this idea further and see if the gods of destruction are agreeable to it” she pointed towards Beerus who didn’t look best pleased “Maybe he considers the possibility that we’re trying to steal you from his team?”

“YES!” Beerus said suddenly shooting over “Now paws off!”

“My lord! That seems unneeded” Whis said as the Grand Minister hovered over looking annoyed “Oh yes?”

“Can you please leave the duelling area so I can announce the next 4 duellists?” The Grand Minister said as the team members nodded and returned to their seating areas “Right now for the next 4 players! Up first are the red team!” the lights shot up as before and paused in the air before shooting for Universe 12 “For Red Team! We have William Shakespeare and Joan of Arc of Universe 12 are selected!” the two duellists stepped forward.

“Ah excellent! This is a great chance to write my next great epic!” William said as he looked around “I have my leading lady but where are my co-stars for this first scene of my epic?”

“Do you take anything seriously?” Joan asked as she walked away from him as she snarled “Being Gilgamesh’s slave doesn’t seem to bother you?”

“It is a joy to work for a man with such vision!” William yelled eagerly

“I’d love to knock the stuffing out of that asshole” Naruto said from the sidelines

“Yeah I can’t disagree with that” Sakura said and punched him playfully in the arm “Leave it to me! I’ll happily kick his ass!”

“Hmm interesting I smell an unwilling player” Chazz said as he looked over at Joan “Maybe if we get selected I can win and…” Alexis looked at him and Chazz blushed “Uhhh I mean anyone but me”

“You’re not fooling anyone” Alexis sighed

“Now for the blue team!” The Grand Minister said as the lights shot up, the pause was long as they hovered into the air, this time the first light came down hovered over Universe 1 and then shot away to Universe 10 connecting with a player. The second light hovered over several teams before coming down in Universe 7 then shot off to Universe 6 “Akiza Izayoi of Universe 10 and Twilight Sparkle of Universe 6 are selected”

Twilight looked far from looking happy stood up and walked over readying her duel disc as she pointed at Joan “You have hurt my friends and now you will pay for it!” she said in a deadly sounding voice for her and Joan glared back but the eyes betrayed her sympathy for Twilight’s position “I swear! You two will pay!”

Akiza walked up and said “Get in line I want a shot at them too!” Akiza glared over at Gilgamesh and yelled “You think you can disrespect our team and get away with it!?” Gilgamesh began to laugh but Akiza drew a card and played it right away “Black Rose Dragon attack!” the dragon fired the attack and it landed a few feet in front of Gilgamesh who looked annoyed by the show of force “You wanna take me on instead!?”

“Careful, Miss Izayoi or you will be disqualified” The Grand minister warned as the dragon disappeared but Gilgamesh stood up and walked over “Return to your uhhh seat”

Gilgamesh looked deeply into Akiza's eyes who glared back but Twilight also stepped behind Akiza to show support “You two aren’t worth my time” Gilgamesh said slowly and evenly before turning to William who smirked at the look he was given “No mercy you understand?”

“Perfectly my lord, Gilgamesh. You hired me and so I must ensure that I put on a good show” William said as he turned to Akiza “You really know how to spice up the drama I…”

“Drama nothing! We’re here ta beat you not talk about your weak excuse of an imitation of...” Twilight began but William tutted and shook his finger.

“My good girl! I am not an imitation! I am the real William Shakespeare! Brought here today to write a great epic! And this is merely act 1! Now I hope you’re ready for me to part the curtains and put on the lights! I want our audience to watch a great…” William ranted on but Joan elbowed him in the ribs “Got it…well I hope you girls don’t mind if I go first?” The opening hands were drawn and William said “Ah my it would seem this performance is already over! I call the first scene to our little Production! I play the field spell Stage Selection! And here's how it works! You three each must select a field spell! And I get to pick which one gets played! However the effects of the field spell can be altered to suit my needs! Now let's see what you have?"

Joan revealed her spell "I have this my Sogan Field spell"

Akiza revealed her spell "Black Garden field spell is mine"

Twilight sadly revealed her card and this is where Shakespeare's smirk grew into an enormous grin "School of the Dark Magicians is my spell" Twilight admitted sadly knowing full well how dangerous the spell was "This card allows me to summon any Magician monster from my hand without a sacrifice so long as I give up a card from the top of my deck"

Shakespeare walked forward and took the card from Twilight before cupping her face, she used her magic and repelled him "Hmm thought so...this is a duel of the dashing hero against a horde of witches!" he pointed to Twilight "Magic in you is real! I can tell you, Miss Akiza don't like being called a witch and...you Miss Joan..I know you're a traitor but you were also burned as a witch!"

Joan frowned "So what if I am or was?! It was never true! A lie made up by..." but Shakespeare tutted shaking his head.

"Grand Minister I have a proposal! Rather than a boring tag duel lets make this a 3 on 1 duel! But with some slight changes. I get 12000 lifepoints and I get to draw two cards a turn?!" Shakespeare said as there were boos and even Gilgamesh looked displeased as Shakespeare handed back Twilight's card to her "It'll make quite the dramatic performance! Of the dashing hero when I slay the wicked witches!"

"Be careful who you call a witch" Akiza growled

However the Grand Minister turned to the Zenos who both nodded eagerly "Very well! The rules for this match have been changed rather than a tag duel! This'll be a 3 on 1 duel but the rules are slightly different! Every second turn will be Mr Shakespeare's move and the rule about those with the highest life points still applies"

"That's not fair!" Joey Wheeler called from the side lines but the grand minister shot him a dirty look "Damn it"

Shakespeare smirked and said "I'll even let Joan go first"

Author's Note:

Okay...so that's done. I enjoyed writing this chapter, I like the idea of using characters that I'm not a huge fan of and originally I was going to have them all eliminated but I thought that was cheap and lazy. So here we are.

Anyway I would really appreciate comments and suggestions for future matches. For Chapter 11 I am thinking maybe using a theme of hair colour, blonde but maybe that's just lazy. Do let me know what you think?